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When You Can’t Go to the Beach, well, Then Go To Disney’s Boardwalk Resort!

If you follow my social media and especially my live streams on the channel, you know that I am a Pensacola guy. Growing up there had one of the biggest perks, its beaches. I love the beach. It is not only beautiful, but it calms the mind and soul, taking me out of the hustle and bustle of the theme parks into another world.

I do try to get to the Gulf Coast beaches as often as I can, but just like a lot of you, work gets in the way. However, part of ‘my job’ is to not only bring the fun and entertainment of the Walt Disney World and other theme parks and attractions to you, but to let you know that there is much more than just rides, snacks and cavalcades in the F.L.A.

However, this past week, we had the best of both worlds. We had the awesome opportunity to stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. It was just incredible and everything about it was more than I could have wished for. Along with the amazing studio villa that we stayed in, there is so much to see at this resort. The lobby itself is spectacular and the cast members are the best. The pool area, much known for its sometimes creepy clown face slide, better known as the Keister Coaster clown slide, has been updated and looks amazing. It now showcases Mickey and Minnie having some fun on the Keister Coaster slide, along with pals Goofy and Pluto. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to try it out as it was quite chilly during our stay, but we did hang out in the hot tub which was very nice. There were a few guests using the pool but this Florida guy cannot take that amount of cold.

The other amazing amenity at the Boardwalk, which you Mayne Mafia viewers know, is the beach area. Located on the backside or non- lake side of the resort there is an expansive beach area, complete with white sand and lounge chairs. Although there is no surf, it does help quell that beach need and it is usually very peaceful and beautiful. We have had many chats sitting on patio area, having an adult beverage and talking about everything in the parks and beyond. It is a great place to hang out even if you are not staying at the resort, just hop on one of the boats, walk over from the parks or take the monorail. You can come hang out and relax, sometimes taking that much needed break in between rides or waiting for a dining reservation on the Boardwalk or on the monorail loop. The resorts on the loop have beach areas as well as Ft Wilderness, which makes it very convenient for those that need that type of getaway.

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