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When The Community Comes Together… Dreams Can Come True.

If you don’t know by now, I love Walt Disney World, theme parks and Give Kids The World Village. Bringing them together with the incredible help, support and passion from the community that makes Magic Streamdom more inspiring, full of hope and promise each year, is not only an honor and a blessing for me to be a part of, but motivates to continue to do even more.

When those 25 hours came to a close, it was more than just the money that we had raised, it was about the channels coming together and not only supporting and rooting each other on but the passion and love that drove them in raising awareness and funds for Give Kids The World Village, each of them doing what they could to make sure that critically ill children and their families will be able to come back to the village as soon as possible.

Touring the Galaxy

I cannot thank the affiliate partner channels enough for their creativeness, their dedication to Magic Streamdom and each other, making sure that each channel was supported throughout the 25 hours, almost all of them popping in and out of the stream all through the day and into the night, cheerleaders in the chat. Thank you to everyone who take time away from their own channels (and revenue, let’s be honest) to promote their part in Magic Streamdom and make sure that your audiences were aware that you were a part of Magic Streamdom and to not just tune into your hosted segment, but you joined together and let them know that it was important to tune into as many segments and support all the channels that were a part of this incredible fundraiser for Give Kids The World Village. I truly believe that the community is amazing and it becomes stronger, healthier and more impactful for real change, doing things that are truly important and life changing, something much more important and larger than just always focusing on bringing our own channels to the forefront.

Magic PD from Australia

Walt Disney himself reached out to others to make Disneyland and Walt Disney World not just the most magical and happiest places on earth, but through his outreach and inclusivity, he changed how things were seen and done. Through tough times, increased criticism and negativity, he never gave up but kept moving forward with passion and unrelenting drive, along with those who supported him and his vision, knowing that they could and would make a long lasting difference in the world.

This year, during the 2nd Annual Magic Streamdom, 26+ channels came together, some large, some small, from places outside of Walt Disney World and even as far as Paris and Australia, each one of them making a difference in the own special and unique way. Not just to their own audiences and community but by showing them that we can all come together as one, for the common good and more importantly have fun doing it together.

Ear to Ear Magic and the Onesie Challenge

I cannot thank Give Kids The World enough for entrusting in me the confidence to be able to help them in a small way, create a difference in the lives of children and their families. Thank you to Walt Disney World and those who reached out to me to help in whatever way they could. The biggest thanks to the community at large, for donating and supporting, watching throughout the live stream, some of you for almost the entire 25 hours, cheering the channels all along the way. My heart and gratitude go out to the ever creative, fun, crazy, and passionate partner channels who did not waste a second to say yes, when invited to be a part of Magic Streamdom and put 1000% into their segments, volunteering for the overnight and early morning hours, some of you in the midst of traveling from one state to another, between work hours, home schooling your children and pandemic last minute schedule changes.

Most of all, thank you to everyone who watched, shared, supported and donated to Give Kids The World Village during Magic Streamdom, not only this year but last year and the other fundraisers that have been done on the channel over the past two years. Thank you for supporting the community at large, being their for us as creators and keeping us motivated and inspired to keep moving forward, breaking boundaries, creating fun and engaging content but most of all and more importantly, driving us to use our platforms and our voice for the greater good and making lives better in the process.

I look forward to next year and cannot wait to be a part of Magic Streamdom 3 and to those channels that have already been blowing up my phone with excitement and ideas! For now, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season and a bright, safe and even better 2021! Mayne Mafia…..OUT!