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When People Come Together for A Purpose–Magic Happens

It was entertaining, it was inspiring, it was unifying. It was ground-breaking. It tugged at heart strings. It was overwhelming. It was Happiness that inspired….


Never has anything like Magic Streamdom come to life in the theme park community like it did on Saturday, September 28, 2019. An incredible group of content creators, clad in their purple Give Kids The World shirts, came together as a team, bonding over a cause and reaching out to their audiences to spread awareness and raise money for Give Kids The World Village.

Give Kids The World Village is an 84-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort in Central Florida. There, children with critical illnesses and their families are treated to weeklong, cost-free vacations.

Kicking off this marathon streaming event, that spanned 10 parks, across the country and across the globe, the teams were given a tour of this amazingly whimsical resort and then hosted by Give Kids The World Village for dinner at the Peppermint Table. They saw the Castle of Miracles, where thousands of childrens’ names are everlasting placed on golden stars, filling the ceiling. Many of our viewers had names of their children or children’s names of friends and family that have visited the village since its opening in 1986. We were able to see the accessible rides that are available to the children that call this village home for a week and get to be able to eat ice cream every day, even for breakfast!! It was truly an informative and inspiring visit for the teams and we are deeply grateful to Give Kids the World Village and their staff for hosting us.

Then, Saturday morning, LIVE at rope drop from the Magic Kingdom, we opened Magic Streamdom! With a lot of excitement, nervousness and anticipation for what was to come, I realized just what a privilege and an honor it was to bring this amazing fundraising event to life. Moving through each segment, from affiliate partner channels to imagineers like Bob Gurr and Mousekeeters like Damon Pampolina, the excitement grew and teams could feel the love and support from the viewers that were tuning in. Challenges that teams took on from blind taste testing, eating grasshoppers, consuming huge cupcakes in a single bite to square dancing in the middle of Disney Springs, were truly hilarious and magical. Affiliate partners that broke in the morning and into the afternoon were Touring the Galaxy, with John and Dana took over for Spokesmayne and ramping up their audience with their exploration of Animal Kingdom and challenge that ended with dancing with the African band. Then, after seeing a truly inspirational message of Hope from Give Kids The World Village, we flew over the pond and found ourselves in Disneyland Paris as DLRPfans brought us the colorful and amazing parade that is exclusive to this park after taking in the majesty and beauty of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Then, as if magic, we were transported back to America with DisLyfeOfOurs and the comedic fun and hilarious taste testing challenge that their wonderful children had truly set them up for. With the challenge ending in eating grasshoppers (and their children did as well for charity only, of course) heading to the afternoon seemed as if the stream had just begun. We then fly across country again, (magically, of course) over to Disneyland to join The Disney Project and Katie from Best Life & Beyond and have an amazing time learning all the hidden and historical facts that Keith brought to our attention, as he and Katie took us to enjoy the amazing Disneyland band and take a tour of Disneyland’s highlights. Leaving them, we had the privilege of hearing from Damion P from the cast of the New Mousekeeters, #MMC30 as we had the privilege of hanging out with Damion at a VIP event in California in August. His interview was great and the support that the MMC30 give to Give Kids The World Village is amazing. We then caught up with Paging Mr Morrow at SeaWorld and him and I had some light-hearted fun and garnered a challenge as Magic Streamdom had amazingly almost reached the half way point of the original goal. Discovering some sights of the Halloween trail was so fun and soon it was time to catch some even spookier Halloween adventure with Banks and Ava from Attractions Magazine as they came to us after a brief intermission (for youtube sake) from Universal Orlando Resort. Showing us the props and scare zones that will be featured during HHN2019 was awesome and a little less spooky for those of you who are easily spooked on a regular HHN night.

As they day moved into late afternoon, teams cheered on their audiences, popping in and out of chat and encouraging the teams that were going to bring Magic Streamdom into the evening hours. Being able to focus between affiliate channels streams, on the joy and happiness that Give Kids The World Village brings to children with critical illnesses and their families was such a heartwarming and inspiring part of this marathon stream was truly amazing. Hearing from Bob Gurr, a true legend of Disney Imagineers and getting fashion tips from Disney Princess Couture, really made Magic Streamdom a ground-breaking production.

We then joined The Main Street Mouse, hosted by Michele and Scott with the most awesome Mark Daniels joining them. With Mark taking us on an “inside” tour of Galaxy Edge, we got to see some hidden gems and super cool areas that some may have never seen before. Michele and Scott then took us into Toy Story Land for a larger than life look at the fun and characters that you can see on your next trip to Hollywood Studios. We then transported from Batuu to Andy’s Backyard to the excitement and adventure of Universal’s Island of Adventure at Universal’s Orlando Resort. Genevieve and Rob from Earsome Emporium brought us along as we checked out some up and coming attractions from Jurassic Park, took some Instagram pics, strolled through Daigon Alley and went looking for Harry Potter. After reaching their goal for a challenge their viewers put out, they had to both eat a very large cupcake in one big bite. Blue and green faces aside, they completed the challenge and brought smiles and laughter to the audience watching.

Hopping from Universal to the many lands of Epcot, we were able to hang out with Orlando Diferente and Fernanda Batista and her wonderful friend as they took us on a Brazilian adventure of culture, food and music, with even a little language lesson along the way. Dancing to the salsa in the moonlight of Epcot was another first on live stream and Fe’s energy and excitement were truly engaging! We loved the food reviews and overall fun that we had in World Showcase!

As the evening drew into prime time hour, we hooked up with Living by Disney and got to join Serena and her companion Lindsey during Happily Ever After!! Then, we had a special visitor as Kayleigh joined the ladies and pretty much took over the chat and the show!! What a great time we had and hopefully next year, Kaylen will be able to join us as well. After an incredible time at Magic Kingdom with such beautiful girls, we discovered we had hit our overall original goal of $10,000!! What a truly emotional and incredible moment!! But the night was not over, and on that amazing note, we met up with Big Fat Panda, Jenn and Carolina at Disney Springs. As we reflected on reaching the $10,000 goal, Panda told us his incredibly touching story of his nephew Matthew, who had visited the Village when he and Panda were young. As hard as it was to recall this memory, it told such a relevant story of what Give Kids The World Village means to children who may only get this one time to visit the most Magical Place on Earth. Raising our goal to $13,000 so we would be able to send two families to the Village, we journeyed with the threesome through Disney Springs and had some laughs along with tears, and upon reaching another goal, Jenn and Carolina made a mess of their faces with cupcakes and Panda and Carolina square-danced in the middle of the square at the shopping meca. Of course, this is again, another first done on a live stream of this kind and it was truly spectacular!! After hitting another milestone and more tears and emotions, we flew back across the country again back to Disneyland’s California Adventure with DisneyiRLTV. Tony and Vanessa took us around Pixar Pier and had the most cool churro “Lady and the Tramp” challenge every with some apple, fruit loopy looking thing. Then catching the fireworks of the new Halloween show was the ultimate finale of the most mind-blowing marathon stream ever.

As we came back over to Florida, the long haul remaining teams of DisLyfeOfOurs, Earsome Emporium, jennandthegiantpeach and Spokesmayne, truly had no words but to say thank you so much for such an incredible fundraising event as we signed out from Disney Springs. Started over 16 hours previously, through crazy challenges, inspiring stories, gross taste tastings, tears remembering loved ones lost, honoring those that have visited the village and not able to return, spending time with a lovely young lady who has had personal experience with Give Kids The World Village, watching incredible fireworks shows and parades from across the country and across the globe and breaking the record of the goal we were to reach, brought Magic Streamdom a level of production and technology that even amazed myself. You always hope that things come to frusion and especially come together well and so people will be happy, but I can not be more humbled and proud of what the youtube community and how these unbelievably gracious and giving channels all came together as one to bring awareness and love to Give Kids The World Village and how the supporters, watchers, donaters as well as the staff and volunteers at GKTW Village gave so much of their time, money and most of all love, in making this fundraising stream an incredible success!! Thank you so much to everyone involved and supporting and we look to be able to bring even more happiness and joy to children and families with Magic Streamdom 2.0 in 2020.