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When Do You Think Disneyland Will Reopen?

Disneyland and other California Theme Parks may be celebrating their reopening very soon!

Over the past few days, there has been a flurry of news regarding the reopening of Disneyland in California. This has been long awaited, with California theme parks closed up for going on a year now, businesses hurting and painstaking progress seeming to be way to slow. However, now it looks like there may just be light at the end of the tunnel.

With the announcement from Governor Newsome on March 5th stating new rules that would allow the parks to open as early as April 1st, a glimmer of hope and sigh of relief have taken over. Although there has been no official date announced by Disney on that exact date, likely due to the vast amount of strategic planning that must go into the reopening of Disneyland to comply with the rules, we are on the edge of our seat.

According to the state, theme parks can open at 15 percent capacity, as Orange County is expected to move into the red tier – California’s second-highest risk level – in April. “We can’t wait to welcome guests back and look forward to sharing an opening date soon,” said Ken Potrock, president of Disneyland Resort, in a statement. “We are encouraged that theme parks now have a path toward reopening this spring, getting thousands of people back to work and greatly helping neighboring businesses and our entire community,” he continued.

Though Disneyland has not yet shared a reopening date, according to updated California regulations, the park can open at a limited capacity of 15 percent in April 2021. The new guidelines announced on March 5, 2021, also state that only people who live in California can buy tickets to the resort. In addition, Disneyland may well implement its own policies before opening doors. Now this was very interesting as many people have purchased tickets from outside of the state for the Touch of Disney event that will be going on through April 18th, (which as of this publishing is sold out). I have to say, that it was widely rumored and speculated that this would be the case, as Disneyland is much, much smaller of a park than Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and is considered a ‘local’ park, with the vast majority of their annual passholders living in the Anaheim area.

Disneyland opened sections of the park, mainly the section of Disney California Adventure earlier this year including Buena Vista Street and beyond when regulations allowed for dining establishments to open back up with limited capacity. Many people flocked to the streets just to get that feeling of being back at their beloved park, even if it was not being physically in Disneyland. We were drawn to that as well, taking to the open road during our trip to Las Vegas, driving almost 6 hours one way just to be able to step onto the streets and get a glimpse of the train station through the bars at the gate for 10 minutes. Needless to say, this was a great success for Disneyland and the evening we were there, it was at full capacity.

“Today’s announcement from the Newsom administration is very encouraging news for California’s amusement parks,” said Erin Guerrero, executive director of California Attractions and Parks Association, on March 3rd. “Parks now have a framework to safely and responsibly reopen. We appreciate the administration’s willingness to work with the state’s theme parks on the finer details of the plan so parks can responsibly reopen soon, putting people safely back to work and reinvigorating local economies.”

Parks in counties that are in the state’s most restrictive purple tier of Covid-19 restrictions will not be allowed to reopen, and park capacity will be determined by a county’s tier: counties in the least-restrictive yellow tier can operate at 35% capacity, 25% capacity for the orange tier and 15% capacity for the red tier.


Disneyland Resort announced more details for “A Touch of Disney,” a limited-capacity ticketed experience opening at Disney California Adventure Park on March 18, one year after the park shut down due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Beginning March 4th, guest were able to purchase the $75/pp ticket for select dates beginning March 18th. This experience will offer “some of the world-famous food and drinks from around the Disneyland Resort, plus a chance to see Disney characters, shop for the latest Disney merchandise and pop in at unique photo locations,” according to a press release. The experience will be offered Thursdays through Mondays, from noon until 8 p.m. Attractions will remain closed at this time.

These details come weeks after the experience — which will see 1,000 Disneyland Resort cast members return to work — was first announced by Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock in a letter to cast members commemorating the 20th anniversary of Disney California Adventure Park. There has been no announcement from Disney regarding resort openings in Disneyland opening as of yet, however we have seen that hotels in the surrounding area have updated their websites to say that they are looking at opening on May 1, 2021 pending the opening of Disneyland.

As of now, Downtown Disney District is open, as well as select outdoor dining on Buena Vista Street, following the lift of the Los Angeles area’s stay-at-home order in late January.

We are very excited for this news and are so happy for our friends on the West Coast who will finally be able to step into their “HOME”. Universal Studios Hollywood and Six Flags Magic Mountain are also looking for openings in the near future.

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