What To Do When the Parks Are Closed? Is Your Disney+ Subscription Up To Date?

As we take the precautions with a great deal of diligence and common sense, the news of Walt Disney World and the other Disney Parks closing still is sad. Personally, I understand and commend them for thinking of the safety of their cast members and guests first over what may have been a more popular choice. I was also so proud to be a part of the Disney community when I read that they will also be donating excess food to the Second Harvest of Orange County.

So, as the parks are closed starting Monday, March 16th through the end of the month, we will be going into Disney withdrawal; or will we? Yes, friends, thank goodness their is that wonderful service that can come to us any time of day or night, on the television, computer or even our mobile device. It is Disney+.

If you have not subscribed to Disney+, well; what are you doing?? For only $12.99/month, you get a plethera of movies, shorts, even original shows from not only Disney but including Marvel, Pixar and the awesome The Mandalorian, as well as much more and getting Hulu and ESPN. Frankly, this is a no brainer.

From the amazing Imagineers series, taking us back into the creative process of the beginnings of Disneyland, attractions, and more to catching up on the Marvel series films that you may have missed, this is a great way to get the family together or if you are just hanging out with your trusted companion (yes, Tigger), it is a much needed and welcomed break from the hectic and uncertain world around us right now.

Of course, there is also many live streams and vlogs that you can watch on replay on Youtube at Spokesmayne (shameless plug but I do write these articles) and you can absolutely stay connected with the Mayne Mafia family on Facebook, Instagram and Discord. Who knows, you never know what the change of pace may bring!

Interested in signing up for Disney+. Go to https://www.disneyplus.com/

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