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An Exciting Day in EPCOT, from Statues, Merch, Remy and ending with Dinner In Space!! Space 220 Review and more..

Always looking to check out the new and exciting places and things coming to Walt Disney World, we were excited to be able to nab a reservation for the newest restaurant Space 220 in Epcot the other day while on stream. The out-of-this-world dining experience will take guests looking to dine on a journey from Earth to the stars, a simulated 220 miles above Earth’s surface, for an immersive experience that will delight all the senses. This experience is unique to EPCOT, where the magic of human imagination and possibility come to life.

As of the time we went, you could not make reservations on My Disney Experience and they are only taking “walk up” reservations for lunch and dinner. Reservations will be available to book on Sept. 20, with the first reservation date available on Sept. 27. Since we were in Epcot, we decided to try and make a lunch reservation (we got their around 10:30am) and were able to get a reservation for 4:15pm. This allowed us to check out some of the newest merchandise, loving the 50th Anniversary merch for sure, see some of the new gold statues, ride the newest attraction Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and then Frozen Ever After, tingle the taste buds at the newly re-opened Club Cool and see the new Creations Shop, even indulge on some festival booths from the International Food and Wine Festival, all before our reservation time. We had a blast and really built up an appetite for the meal.

New area of the France pavilion at EPCOT

Now, I will say, we thought we were making lunch reservations, however; with the help of the chat and asking a cast member, we discovered that lunch “technically” ends at 3:00pm and dinner begins at 4:0pm ‘Disney time’. This does make a difference as both menus are pre-fixed (two course for lunch and three course for dinner) and have a certain price point. Lunch is $55/person where dinner is $80/person, a noticeable difference between the two. However, with the support of our incredible chat, we decided to go for it and soon we were getting ready for our virtual departure.

Upon checking in for your reservation, you are taken to the “waiting area” which is quite incredible, looking like something out of those sci-fi shows you watched as a kid, on what life is like on starships or space camps. It is very crisp, with a long half moon couch, an incredible floor that looks like clouds and the “control” area. Our wait was not long and soon we were called to follow fellow “passengers” as we got into the elevator that would take us to our virtual destination and leaving Florida and the planet Earth far behind. This portion is very immersive and you can definitely feel your stomach knowing it!

Upon our arrival, your mind is already tricked into believing that you have arrived in space, with huge “windows” that show the Earth below and space everywhere you look. Space vehicles, meteors and even “guests” staying in the “space resorts” can be seen passing by. It was incredible! After a little hiccup with the seating, we settled in to an amazing spot and our server, was super friendly and informative, letting us know everything about our new journey.

I would fare to say that this is an upscale sit down dining experience and the menu reveals that. Many know that I am not fancy guy and am comfortable with say, “comfort food” but this was a fun and new adventure and was excited to bring everyone along. Alessa has much more of a “fine and varied pallate” and more adventurous in the food department than I, however, I do have to say that she is opening my tastes to more things. Today we decided on different things not only to share on social media but with you guys, to see if you would like the menu and variety on stream.

The restaurant is quite large, being encompassed by these ‘windows’ and really immersing you in what you come to believe is a “space station”. The cast members all are wearing awesome costumes or ‘uniforms’ that would make any appearance in a Star Wars movie proud. We decided to get one of the cocktails, a Stargarita (love that,top right) and a beer and chose the Big Bang Burrata (which was a cheese with arugula and artichokes for Alessa) and she chose the Blue Moon Cauliflower for me, or her, for appetizers (pictured below on the top row).

They came out fairly quickly and the presentation on both of them was beautiful. Honestly, I like both of them and would definitely order the Blue Moon Cauliflower again. It as fried with a tempura batter and a little bit of kick and to the dismay of both the Mayne Mafia and my fiance, I thought it tasted like chicken nuggets, which I thought would be a very helpful hint to those parents trying to get their kids to eat their veggies.

We then ordered the 8oz filet for the former vegetarian and I, of course ordered the Roasted Free Range Chicken. It was a hard decision as the Slow Rotation Short Rib sounded amazing and Alessa usually goes for the fish. However, today we decided to take a celestial leap and with the help of you guys, took your advice. While waiting for dinner, you are in awe of everything happening “outside” and we found ourselves looking for things from space ships to shooting stars as well as looking for Walt Disney World below. The atmosphere is comfortable and not rushed so if you are looking for a place that will get you in and out, this is not it. As a matter of fact, we were there for over 2 hours and still had not yet gotten dessert. This is an experience as much as it is a meal.

Both the filet and the chicken were delicious, the presentation spectacular and the portion sizes for the appetizers and the entrees were plentiful. We even ended up taking some of every course home with us and they boxed it up for us so nicely we felt spoiled. We were so full we ordered dessert (the Lemon Mousse and Chocolate Cheesecake which were both amazing) and boxed that up for later in the evening when we got home. You can check out the entire experience on the live stream (below) as well as my Instagram story at https://www.instagram.com/spokesmayne.

I can say that the entire experience was great and the food was very good. I would recommend it for sure and definitely as a must do once or for a special occasion or amazing vacation eatery. The price is a tad high for dinner, but the food was beautiful and delicious and well, were else can you dine “in space.”

If you would like to take a peek at the menu, it is posted below. You can know make reservations, so if you are planning on coming into Walt Disney World, will be at Epcot, I would say do it. Let me know if you are planning on experiencing Space 220 on your next trip or if you have already eaten here, as I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Two-Course Lunch

Includes one Lift-Off appetizer and one Star Course entrée


  • Big Bang Burrata 
  • Starry Calamari 
  • Blue Moon Cauliflower
  • Neptuna Tartare
  • Space Greens

Star Course

  • Bluehouse Salmon
  • Centauri Burger
  • Flat Iron Steak
  • Seared Tuna 
  • Baked Maccheroni

Three-Course Dinner

Includes one Lift-Off appetizer, one Star Course entrée, and one Supernova Sweet


  • Big Bang Burrata 
  • Starry Calamari 
  • Blue Moon Cauliflower
  • Neptuna Tartare 
  • Space Greens

Star Course

  • 8 oz. Filet Mignon 
  • Slow Rotation Short Rib
  • Florida Red Snapper
  • X2 Duck
  • Terra-Bolognese 
  • Roasted Free-Range Chicken 

Supernova Sweets 

  • Lemon Mousse 
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake 
  • Chocolate Cheesecake


Atmospheric Spirits  

  • Stargarita
  • Atmospritz – Served with a cotton candy cloud 
  • The Big Tang – Served with “Astronaut Ice Cream”
  • Planetary Punch – Served over dry ice
  • Celestial Cosmopolitan

Zero Proof Cocktails

These drinks come in a special Space 220 collectible cup:

  • Lightyear Lemonade – Made with butterfly pea tea
  • The Milky Way – Served with a fun-size “Milky Way” garnish
  • Moon Rocks – Served with a pack of popping candy garnish

With the purchase of any zero proof (non-alcoholic) cocktail or children’s meal, guests will receive a pack of Space 220 Collectible Trading Cards. Designed exclusively for and only distributed at Space 220 Restaurant, these limited-edition packs of cards feature original artwork and trivia facts about space exploration, food in space, and the sky-high innovations at Space 220 Restaurant. We thought this was an awesome idea and almost ordered one for the trading cards. Next time my friends, next time.

Spokesmayne; Disney Parks Blog