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We can all be "slingers" at the New Spider-Man attraction at Disney California Adventure

The new Spider-Man attraction coming to a new Marvel-themed land at Disney California Adventure will let riders shoot virtual webs from their wrists as they battle an army of escaped spider-bots.

Riders on the new Spider-Man experience at the Anaheim theme park will be able to “shoot their own webs out of their wrists via immersive technology,” according to the Marvel website.

Walt Disney Imagineering and Marvel used New York Comic Con 2019 to reveal new details about the Marvel-themed Avengers Campus set to debut at Disney California Adventure.

The first phase of the new land will open in 2020 with a Spider-Man attraction, Doctor Strange show, Ant-Man and the Wasp restaurant and Marvel character meet-and-greets and rooftop shows. A second phase will open at an unannounced date with an Avengers E-ticket attraction.

The new Spider-Man attraction coming to Avengers Campus will let riders sling virtual webs at escaped spider-bots that have run amok. The spider-like assembly droids find materials, deconstruct them and build new gear from the parts.

Riders will use hand gestures to sling webs from Web Slinger ride vehicles in the new Spider-Man attraction. The Web Slinger vehicles look similar to the Ninjago ride vehicles at Legoland parks where riders use karate-chop hand gestures to shoot fireballs at ninja warriors.

Riders will enter the Spider-Man attraction through a WEB Open House where new enhancements to Spider-Man’s suit are on display. The Worldwide Engineering Brigade — or WEB — serves as the framing mechanism for the Spider-Man attraction’s backstory.