Gatorland Other Attractions

We Are Finally at Gatorland!

Yes, folks, you have asked for it and here we are! Today we have been invited by Gatorland to come and explore all the fun, thrills and excitement that this Florida attraction has to offer including gator marsh lands, a petting zoo, a free-flight aviary and one of a kind animal shows.

Starting off, we were no more than five feet away from the biggest alligators that we have ever seen and were able to serve them lunch. Seeing these amazing animals that are 80% muscle just chillin’ and staring at the toes-ok, flip flops were not the best fashion choice today- gave us a real respect for this teflon coated animals. Coached and encouraged by Brandon, Director of Media Relations and “knower of all things gator” we learned how to feed the alligators and and how they talk to each other during the process. Of course, needing to take some pitching lessons, the gators did not hold it against us and they seemed to be satisfied when we left them to move on to more adventures. Not only were we able to get up close and personal with our friend, Chester, got shut into a glass enclosure with the ghost alligator, who made me white as a ghost, we checked out some Gatorland merch, received a history lesson on the family ties still strong with those that work at Gatorland and just took in the vibe of this OG Florida theme park.

We also were able to experience the thrilling and “death defying” adventure on the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line, a 1,200 foot, seven story tower high above the treetops, soaring over the sleepy reptiles (or at least we hope they are still sleeping). We also got to take off on a crazy swamp buggy adventure in the swamps of Gatorland and whoa, was it intense! Then the cherry on the top! Jenn was able to hold and yes, talk to a baby alligator. This was the highlight of the day and all that she talked about for the rest of the day, even deciding that she would name her baby alligator when she gets it, Henry.

Thanks to Gatorland for having us out and being able to showcase this real Florida attraction known as the “Alligator Capital of the World” since 1949. Gatorland is a 110 acre theme park and wildlife preserve.