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Want to Stay in A Deluxe Resort without Having to Pay That Price?

Photo courtesy of David's Vacation Club Rentals

Don’t we all wish that we could stay in the deluxe resort when we vacation at Walt Disney World? Do you stay in a deluxe resort but cringe at paying that price?

Well, thanks to our great sponsors David’s Vacation Club Rentals, anyone can stay at a DVC villa or deluxe resort for a fraction of the cost. Recently, Disney’s newest DVC property (their 15th to be precise) opened at Disney’s Riviera Resort. Through the lens of this livestreamer, we saw the beauty of this resort and the amazing rooms with THOSE balconies!!

If you are looking to stay at a DVC property but are not willing to become a DVC member, or it is just not in your budget, renting DVC points may be your answer. Here is a short video explaining the process.

Make sure you give our friends at David’s Vacation Club Rentals a call or check them out online. Super easy and it will make you feel good all over knowing that you saved so much money! You know what that means…..more merch shopping!!

Visit www.dvcrequest.com/spokesmayne to learn more about how you can stay at a deluxe resort during your next vacation.