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Want the Inside Scoop? Mouse Vacation Planning Has It All

Planning your Walt Disney World Vacation can be exciting and fun but it can also be overwhelming and stressful, especially with all the new updates and changes. Many of us ask friends or coworkers about their trips and what they experienced or we go seek out groups on line to find answers to our questions.

However the best advice I can give is to go to someone that is in the middle of the action every day and has their ear to the street, per se. That is where Mouse Vacation Planning comes in. Not only are they experts in planning Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando vacations because they do it every day, but they have first hand experience, being in the parks constantly and seeing for themselves what updates and changes are being made.

This is truly apparent through the founder’s sharing of his experiences and tips and tricks that he and his family have found to be time saving and stress reducing during their visits to the theme parks. Because this information was so helpful on their vacation, he wanted to share it with his customers in a more accessible way.

We are excited that Mouse Vacation Planning is sharing their book, “The Busy Family’s Guide to Walt Disney World”. This book will guide you through the planning process from choosing a resort to theme park tickets to dining, the new Disney Park Pass System, and mydisneyexperience.com, making attraction recommendations based on the ages of the people in your family, information for people with physical disabilities, giving you sample theme park itineraries, and so much more!

If you are wanting to start planning your Disney vacation, give Jeff and his team a call at Mouse Vacation Planning today. If you have already booked, grab a copy of his book and see how you can learn how to make your trip even more enjoyable. From ways to avoid standing in long lines to grabbing that Rise of Resistance boarding pass, it is packed full of great information.

Looking to book your next vacation? Go to https://mousevacationplanning.com/

Want to grab a copy of the book? Go to: https://www.amazon.com/Busy-Familys-Guide-Disney-World-ebook/dp/B08SJQZQDF/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=disney+world+guide+book&qid=1610365232&refinements=p_n_date%3A1249101011&rnid=1249099011&s=digital-text&sr=1-1