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Walt Disney World Pushes Back Reservation Dates to July 1st

Recently, we learned that the Disneyland Resort was no longer accepting new hotel bookings before July. Now, it seems that Walt Disney World Resort has done the same.

As Disney Springs gears up to open on May 20, we’re not currently finding resort reservations for dates before July 1st in Walt Disney World. Previously, Walt Disney World Resort announced that they would be taking reservations starting June 1st. Now, the earliest date we can book a hotel reservation is July 1st. This seems to fall in line with the narrative that has been stated that dining, shopping and resorts will slowly open prior to the parks opening and what their phasing into that will be.

According to DisneyFoodBlog and My Disney Experience, you cannot book reservations till after July 1st and beyond. At this time, Disney World is also canceling reservations for the week of May 24-May 31, but have yet to cancel any further than that. We will continue to keep you posted as more information is released, so please be sure and check back here at spokesmayne.co. Also be sure and follow Spokesmayne on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for more information, fun and a little Disney magic.

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