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Walt Disney World Cast Members Spreading Joy By Giving Easter Lilies to Local Seniors

Today, as many of us celebrate Easter, we are reminded of love, renewal, hope and most of all kindness and sacrifice. With that premise, cast members at Walt Disney World Resort are keeping the Disney magic alive with impactful acts of kindness. Ahead of the Easter holiday, 200 local seniors received a special surprise with their Meals on Wheels delivery –  Easter lilies donated by Walt Disney World.

This act of kindness that started with the idea of one person, a cast member, Michelle Rohrmann, who manages the nursery where the flowers were grown. Michelle and her team realized that with Walt Disney World temporarily closed, the lilies intended for springtime decorations in the parks and resorts could still spread joy.

The flowers were gifted to the Osceola Council on Aging and added to Meals on Wheels deliveries near Walt Disney World. Each Easter lily has now found a new home with local elderly residents who are practicing social distancing during this time. While reflecting on her team’s efforts, Michelle said, “I’m glad that they are able to be enjoyed by these folks. I hope this will be a bright spot in their day.”

For Michelle and her fellow horticulture cast members, the Easter lilies hold a deeper meaning of coming together as a community in hopes of a brighter tomorrow: “To me, the lily is really symbolic of springtime – after a long, hard winter, the first thing to pop up is a lily. It’s a good representation of how we’ll come out of this together. We’ll pull through this. Better days are on their way.”

Though these flowers won’t be making their way into the parks and resorts this spring, they will still serve as a hopeful reminder that life continues to bloom and grow for seniors in the Greater Orlando community. We want to thank all of the hard working Walt Disney World cast members who are still working hard and even more importantly spreading joy during this difficult time.

Wishing you and the Mayne Mafia Family a Blessed and Happy Easter and remember, Have Courage and Be Kind.

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