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Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights is Now Open!! Guess What! We Where There!!

Yes, the day that many of us have been waiting for his here. Tonight, we were able to
bring you along to the awesome media event for the opening of Halloween Horror
Nights 2019! We also will be able to show you some of the inside of the houses that we were able to get footage of during the media event!! Here is what will be coming up as soon as tomorrow, Saturday, September 7th ‘through the lens of this livestreamer.’

This weekend, I was able to visit all of the mazes/scare zones and I’m still processing all of the SP👀KS. The scare-actors & sets in each maze are so good that I’m having a hard time choosing my favorite.⁣

• So far, above all… Ghostbusters has been the coolest. Diving right into the 1984
classic film has definitely been a treat, but not too scary. For the best scares, my top
are Jordan Peele’s Us & Universal Monsters. Of course you have other great IP’s like
Stranger Things (Season 2-3) but there’s something about the “Us” song that gets me.

• Moving onto Scarezones, there’s a ton of great ones, but ultimately the ones that
stand out to me are Vanity Ball and Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe. I also really enjoy
Anarch-cade right when you walk in. It really gives you the feel of a 1980’s arcade with all the neon lights and sets the tone for the eighties theme which carries on
throughout the night.⁣

• Above all, this is an event that is constantly evolving and changing throughout the
season. Which means if you visit on the last night of HHN, it’s a totally different
experience than visiting on opening weekend! I can’t wait to see Halloween Horror
Nights 2019 grow and change as we get closer to Halloween. Here is what you can
expect to see at this years Halloween Horror Nights.

Unleashing the most terrifying names in horror and haunting original nightmares uponguests, as the sun sets on days filled with thrills, the nights will awaken with a
frightening chill as crazed cult favorites, cinematic greats and original abominations
take over Universal Studios Florida. We will brave 10 disturbingly-real haunted
houses, five blood-curling scare zones filled with scare actors stalking their every
move, live entertainment – including a brand-new, twisted nighttime lagoon show,
“Halloween Marathon of Mayhem,” plus enjoy access to Universal Studios’ most
thrilling attractions. Throughout the event, guests will: Encounter the terrifying UpsideDown where they will walk through iconic scenes like the Starcourt Mall and Hopper’s
cabin and face ferocious Demodogs, from seasons 2 and 3 of Netflix’s “Stranger
Things” Be transported to the streets of New York as the rift between worlds opens –
releasing ghoulish spirits, hideous specters and ectoplasm-dripping phantasms in every shape and size in “Ghostbusters” Come face-to-face with the legendary monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Wolf Man and more in “Universal Monsters,”
inspired by Universal Pictures’ classic horror flicksJourney into the unnerving world of
Jordan Peele’s and Universal Pictures’ “Us” where The Tethered emerge from their
tunnels to seek revenge on their privileged doublesEnter the sleepy small town of
Crescent Cove that has been taken over by a pack of murderous clown-like creatures
in MGM’s “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”Take a relentless tour of Rob Zombie’s
House of 1000 Corpses,” and venture through the chaotic home of the Firefly
family, a sadistic clan of psychotic killers scream their way through four spine-chilling
original haunted houses created by the twisted minds of Universal Orlando’s
Entertainment team, including “Graveyard Games,” “Yeti: Terror of the Yukon,”
Depths of Fear” and “Nightingales: Blood Pit” The horror continues as menacing scare actors fill the streets in five highly-themed scare zones – Zombieland: Double Tap,” based-on Sony Pictures’ 2009 cult classic hit and upcoming sequel out on
October 18 in U.S. theaters, and “Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe,” inspired by the
popular music of horror icon Rob Zombie. Guests will also find themselves in three
original nightmares – “Anarch-cade,” “Vikings Undead” and “Vanity Ball.” And
when they need a break from the screams, guests can enjoy two thrilling shows.
Academy of Villains returns for its fourth year in a row with an all-new show,
Academy of Villains: Altered States,” featuring a killer mix of dance and theatrics. And, for the first time ever, guests can watch as terrifying moments inspired by some of the Halloween classics taking over the event come to life right before their eyes in
the Universal Studios Florida lagoon during “Halloween Marathon of Mayhem.

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