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Trying To Navigate The Roller Coaster of the New Disney Reservation System

Disney Launched A New Annual Passholder Webpage With New Information on the Reservation System.

There has been a ton of information coming out almost daily – sometimes multiple times per day – about what you “Need to Know Before you Go” for your Walt Disney World vacation. For someone like me, a self professed seasoned pro at the theme park, even I am getting overwhelmed with all of the updates. So, I am going to break them down as easily as I can so we all can understand together.

Disney had recently shared that they are rolling out a brand new reservation system to limit capacity; therefore, Disney World has temporarily stopped selling park tickets and isn’t currently accepting new reservations.

Disney has kind of been trying to piece together what will be needed in order to obtain a reservation. For starters, they have shared “When our theme parks reopen, we will manage attendance through a new theme park reservation system on DisneyWorld.com that will require all guests to make a reservation in advance for theme park entry. Over the coming weeks, we will be making some necessary updates to prepare for the launch of this park reservation system,” They also informed guests that “Guests with existing Resort reservations will have priority access to the new park reservation system when it becomes available.” This does not mean, and I stress, DOES NOT mean that just because you have a reservation at a resort or that because you are an Annual Passholder, that you are guaranteed entrance to the theme parks. Everyone will be required to make advanced reservations. As soon as Disney rolls out that information, I will be sharing it with you.

Now, Disney has rolled out a new webpage with updated information for Annual Passholders. This webpage is pretty hard to find so thanks to our friends at Disney Food Blog, we will can walk through it together so you can find it again later! You can also click HERE to access the new page.  Also, if you have any questions, please contact V.I.PASSHOLDER Support at (407) 939-7277. Options to manage your annual pass continue to be available during the closure period.

Accessing the New Webpage

  1. Visit the Disney World website.
  2. On the website, you will see a large chunk of text describing the closures. Click view important details at the bottom of this text and you will be taken to a new experience update page.
  3. If you scroll towards the bottom of this experience page you will see a blue text box that reads Annual Passes.
  4. Click learn more and you will be redirected to the new Annual Passholder update page.

New Annual Passholder Information Regarding Reservations

Information on this page shares that due to high-demand for re-entry (and the parks not being able to accommodate as many guests each day) Annual Passholders will only be allowed to hold a certain number of reserved days at one time once the new reservation system is put in place. They also share that it may be difficult for Annual Passholder’s to get reservations on certain dates. Here’s how the statement reads on Disney World’s website (screenshot from the site):

All this can be sort of confusing which is why I like to talk about it with you on the live streams. One thing that has come to my attention, especially as a passholder, is that park reservations will be limited and that blockout dates are still in effect. So if you have a pass that is say, silver, seasonal or Florida resident, you will still be unable to enter the parks during those blockout dates, no matter what you have heard during the closure in the rumor mills. Also some AP benefits and features may not be available and some park experiences and offering may be modified or cancelled (such as shows and fireworks). Disney is still saying that Annual Passholders will have the ability to make reservations. Those reservations just may have a few limitations based on the type of pass you have.

So don’t panic, Mayne Mafia!! I know that it is slightly crazy and super overwhelming right now but we are in this together, right? That is why it is important to keep checking back here at spokesmayne.co and follow me on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram for the updates coming out. Keep in mind that these changes are just temporary and as long as we are all doing our part, we are hoping that we will be back to the way it used to be before to long.

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