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This Week’s ‘Know Before You Go’ Updates at Walt Disney World Resort

July 16, 2021 Uncategorized
This Week’s ‘Know Before You Go’ Updates at Walt Disney World Resort

Realizing that unlike me, many people plan way in advance for their Walt Disney World vacation, I thought it may help to put some bullet point items of interest in the blog once a week.

Starting out at Number One is the time change for Happily Ever After and Epcot Forever in the month of August. There is even one day that their will be NO fireworks listed (yep, the park closes at 6pm so mark that on your calendar). Here is the scoop:

  • August 1st-9th — 9:15PM
  • August 10th-13th — 8:45PM
  • August 14th — No Times Listed
  • August 15th-31st — 8:45PM

EPCOT Forever

EPCOT Forever times are also shifting. The show usually runs at 10PM each night currently, but in August the schedule will change. Monday through Thursday nights, EPCOT Forever will run at 9PM. Friday through Sunday nights, the show will continue to run at 10PM in accordance with park hours.

  • August 1st — 10PM
  • August 2nd-5th — 9PM
  • August 6th-8th — 10PM
  • August 9th-12th — 9PM
  • August 13th-15th — 10PM
  • August 16th-19th — 9PM
  • August 20th-22nd — 10PM
  • August 23rd-26th — 9PM
  • August 27th-29th — 10PM
  • August 30th-31st — 9PM


If you have been on any type of social media and especially on Youtube the past couple of days, you have been inundated with coverage of EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival. I too am super excited to experience the amazing food and beverages of the festival and am in it for the long haul. So don’t worry, just because we were not their the first day (yes, I usually am there but well, there are many more days to come), especially since they have extended the festival days this year and some booths will not even open until later in the summer or early fall.

If you have been following my Facebook and here on the blog, you have been kept very up to date with information, news and pictures of merchandise, menus and much more thanks to Disney Food Blog and Disney Parks Blog. But do not fret, we will be strolling through EPCOT this coming weekend and for many, many more days to come.


Mentioned in a previous blog, the Epcot Monorail is due to start whizzing by again on July 18th and we are super excited. Especially with Food and Wine in full force, it will really help with park transportation to and from the resorts as well as other parks (and my feet). Remember, you do need to wear face coverings when you are traveling on Walt Disney World transportation except for the ferry boat.


Needless to say, many celebrities come to Walt Disney World for vacation..well, it is the Most Magical Place on Earth! But I was super excited, a a little bummed I did not run into, the Grammy Award winning artist H.E.R. over the Fourth of July Weekend. Taking some well deserved R&R after releasing her latest album, “Back of My Mind,” and won Best Female R&B/Pop Artist at the 2021 BET Awards, Disney Parks Blog did some chatting with the songstress while exploring EPCOT with friends and family, stopping by the France pavilion to answer a few of their team’s burning questions and snap a quick photo in front of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which will celebrate its grand opening this October, just in time for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort. The “I Can’t Breathe” singer revealed a celebrity encounter that left her feeling starstruck, the inspiration behind her music and the one Walt Disney World attraction she won’t skip. 

Find out what H.E.R. had to say by watching the latest installment of the Walt Disney World Minute series below.  


If you are planning on hitting up Magic Kingdom next week, you will probably miss out on these attractions that will be closed for refurbishment. The BIG news for Magic Kingdom this week is that Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin will be closed for refurbishment on Tuesday, July 20th through Thursday, July 22nd. It should be open again and ready for Space Rangers on Friday, July 23rd.

Still closed is the Walt Disney World Railroad, that’s scheduled to be closed indefinitely (which does not mean permanently people) in Magic Kingdom. Because of TRON construction in Tomorrowland interfering with railroad tracks, this ride is not available. We will keep our eyes out and keep watching the progress but it will not be anytime soon. Also on Main Street is the Confectionary, which is getting some updates to this popular sweet shop. It is stated to be closed through September 18th so let’s hope that it will be reopening just in time for the fall season.

Lastly, is the Hall of Presidents which has been closed due to the change in leadership in the country and the making of the Joe Biden animatronic. The attractions is scheduled to be closed through September 25th but we will have to keep watching and see if it opens around that time. We know that refurb dates are not set in wax…I mean stone.


Okay, okay, I am really talking about the reopening of ‘Ohana, that most favorite restaurant at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. There are changes to the menu, but after a “revolt” on social media when guests heard that the infamous ‘Ohana noodles would not be making a comeback, they have now appeared back on the menu inside the restaurant. Although the dinner menu has changed and they are not pulling meat off of grilled sticks at your table, it still has that family style fun and good food that we have come to love. They are also serving up breakfast as well. We had a reservation there for tonight, however, we both where under the weather and really wanted to save the experience to when we were both feeling our best. We will be there very soon, Mayne Mafia and will bring you all along.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is also still closed for refurb however, the villas and bungalows have been open for a bit, on July 19th the entire resort is due to be open! We cannot wait and hopefully will be bringing you along to check out the new rooms and common spaces. You’ll still need to use a side entrance for now, as the main entrance will not be open at that time. The monorail station at Polynesian will NOT open on the 19th. There still isn’t an official opening date for that yet!


The Wave…of American Flavors — a restaurant located inside the Contemporary Resort — is closed for updates as well, which began on July 16th. It’s set to reopen in time for the 50th Anniversary in October, but in the meantime, you can still get The Wave breakfast inside the California Grill restaurant, also located in the Contemporary! You’ll still make reservations through The Wave restaurant rather than through California Grill. Also the Contemporary lobby is under refurb and closed as of July 16th so you will need to go to the second floor for check in.

I am sure that there are a ton more updates, but for now these are at the top of my list. Be sure to keep checking back here at spokesmayne.co for more news, information and updates.

Looking to come into the parks when you are at home? Follow on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram as we go into the parks every weekend, showing you what is new, updated and well, fun at the theme parks in Central Florida, across the country and around the world.

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