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The Parkology Challenge – Riding every ride at Walt Disney World

It is a beautiful day in Orlando. You are the President and CEO of a 4 star rated charitable organization that brings smiles and joy to thousands of children and families. So how do you spend your day? Well, seeing if you can ride all 47 attractions at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom of course!

Pam Landwirth, is a force to be reckoned with, a dynamo of energy and a passion for her cause that is like a constant IV of Red Bull. As we lined up before rope drop to be able to get on the trolley for our first “ride” of the day, anticipation and excitement was brewing and we couldn’t wait to get through those gates!

We raced to the trolley site but we were early! So, we got some sightseeing in and met up with Pam and her enterouge so we could hop over to Hollywood Studios for Slinky Dog and a couple more before we take off again. Weaving back and forth from attraction to attraction, the passion and drive that Pam gives off is addictive. She never says never and keeps moving forward. Our only regret was that we could not do the challenge with her on this day. But, we can tell you, we are on board for the next one and you will be too, through the ‘lens of this livestreamer’. Pam did not complete the entire challenge but came very, very close. We followed her Twitter and encouraged and cheered her along the way. And yes, we also raised over $150 in just the short time that we were able to give her the starting boost this great morning. Encouragement, passion and the love for the cause that she firmly believes in is Pam’s backbone. Making a difference in the lives of the families and children that her organization serves is her calling. Through the ‘lens of this livestreamer’ it will be ours as well.