Disney Disneyland

The Highlights of Our Trip to Pixar Fest at Disneyland

Our first trip to Disneyland was so amazing and going to Pixar Fest was just so much fun. Of course we live streamed it however, Disneyland does have some issues with connection. So, we decided to make a ‘highlight’ reel of all the fun and frolic that we got to experience. We viewed the parade, rode Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (so miss that attraction) met up with our good friend Adam The Woo and together sampled some raspberry beignets, had some refreshing lemonade, went through Mickey’s Garden and even looked into the fridge.

One of the most amazing things is the Disneyland ferris wheel. It was crazy! What a view we had. Have to admit it was a little scary but we did do it twice, because, “through the lens of this livestreamer’ you had to be able to experience more than once.

After more attractions, more treats we headed over to see the beautiful fireworks show and had to end the night. What a great time we had. It is truly the happiest place on earth.