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Staying One Step Ahead; Walt Disney World Updates Their Face Covering Guidelines

In this constantly changing environment we live in since the onset of the pandemic, we have seen constant updating and modifications to the safety protocols and guidelines in our daily lives. Traveling as we have recently, we see that each establishment, outside venue, state and heck, even county have their own set of protocols and ordinances when it comes to social distancing and face coverings.

However, Walt Disney World is working hard to keep ahead of the curve and make sure that they are doing everything possible to keep guests and cast members as safe as possible. Personally, I am very happy to see that they are always taking things to the next level and it shows their commitment and care for the guests they serve and the cast members who make up the Disney family.

The newest update is in the aspect of dining. We have streamed a lot from the parks and usually we grab a bite during a stream. Using mobile ordering, we get our meal (which is one of my favorite changes since the pandemic) and have a seat at a table while wearing our mask. We usually will have a chat, talking about your day, what we plan to do etc.. without our mask. But now, that will come to an end as Disney has implemented the the policy that masks will be worn unless ACTIVELY EATING OR DRINKING. Which means that once you are finished eating or after you take that sip of water, the mask will go back on.

Now I know, it is tricky. But, many of us, myself included, have sat down at a table and taken off our mask to relax. However, now, unless we are eating (which is usually the only reason we stop at a table) or drinking to hydrate, the mask must stay on. Here is the policy as issued:

Before you dine at Walt Disney World Resort, please be aware that you’ll need:

  • Face coverings for each Guest age 2 and up, which must be worn in all public areas and can only be removed while actively eating or drinking. Face coverings must be worn while standing, waiting or sitting in dining locations.

Making sure that we are all doing our part will get us through this time together and hopefully back to a ‘new normal’. As we look forward to the 50th Anniversary Celebration, we want to make sure that it will be one that will be able to bring back as much as the excitement and magic as possible and it starts with all of us working together to make that happen.

Spokesmayne; Walt Disney World