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Spooky Season at Universal's Orlando Resort Has Begun! Media Night at HHN2019!!

It was an amazing night! So exciting to be able to finally bring the Mayne Mafia to one of our most favorite events, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal’s Orlando Resort! Tonight, Friday, September 6, 2019, we were able to show you all the cool and fun things that go on at a media event ‘through the lens of this live streamer’ right as it was happening!! How cool is that!

First, we were able to hang out at the beautiful Universal’s Cabana Bay Resort and attend their media pop event for Stranger Things. This was so super cool and the theming and the work that they put into it was on point! I was so glad that I was able to share that with you guys on my Instagram, as some things just are not that great when it comes to being able to live stream and we always want to bring you the best quality content.

Then we were shuttled over by Universal to the media check in location, given our media badges and directed into this amazingly spooktacular room, decorated with everything having to do with the scare zones and houses coming up for HHN2019.

An amazing spread of all sorts of treats were put out, again, representing the houses and the overall atmosphere of the event. Everything looked amazing! I could have tried everything, but as you guys know, I am always looking to bring the content to you rather than eat!

We were able to hear from the coordinators and show directors of the houses and scare zones, even being able to get a preview of the houses and scare zones with live actors!! Then we were able to hear from Priah Ferguson, who plays Erica in Stranger Things!! It was crazy!! She was so cute and really excited about the Stranger Things house.

After that and some Q & A from the audience with the HHN Team, we were assigned a group number and we had to get into our groups to go on our “RIP Tour of the houses. Unfortunately, due to the rules and regulations of Universal Orlando Resort we cannot stream the houses as we cannot show the whole house. But don’t fear, ha ha ha, you WILL be seeing the only coverage that can be brought to you by us having Universal media, and tomorrow night, when we go back to Universal’s HHN, you will be seeing the inside of these awesome houses!!

That is why it is so important to make sure that you are subscribed to Spokesmayne on YouTube, follow on Instagram and Twitter and be a part of our Mayne Mafia Facebook group. From Halloween Horror Nights this season, to all the other major theme park media and holiday events, you will see everything before anyone else does ‘through the lens of this livestreamer.’

Not able to catch the media preview? No problem! You can catch the stream below and watch the replay. What is going to be your favorite house this year? Do you have a favorite scare zone? Leave a comment below and on the stream. Let’s have some fun this Halloween season!