Some People Worry They Will Get Seasick..Me? I Get Sleepy!

Yesterday, also known as embarkation day, was a day full of emotions. I was nervous, excited, somewhat overwhelmed but mostly wondering what this cruise was going to be like. For those of you who follow the channel, I have never cruised before (except if you want to count the Jungle Cruise or the resort boats at Walt Disney World) and have never been out of the country!

The thought of either of them would have never crossed my mind even less than a year ago, but, with the amazing opportunity that Carnival has given me in partnering with them during this cruise, both of these dreams are coming true. Today, is Day 2 of this 8 day cruise and I can tell you, Mayne Mafia, I am loving this. Last night, after wondering the ship and trying to check out all there is to see and do (which I still have not seen or done), I wanted to go see the Welcome Aboard show in the Theatre. However, it appeared that I got a little lost and ended up in the Punchliner Comedy Club.

I was not disappointed though, as the comedians were great and the energy was lit. Inspired by comedian George Lopez, this comedy club has a PG rated show and then the later or second show is much more “adult” oriented. The seating is comfortable and intimate and the service from the bartenders was on point. I had a drink and relaxed and enjoyed the show.

I then went out on the top deck and took in some of the night air, which was pitch black when you looked out from the ship. I mean PITCH black. No street lights, no traffic sounds, no birds, no barking dogs, no nothing. Just the sound of the ship, sweeping through the water and lulling you into its mystic. This is my point.

As I went back to my stateroom, I looked out into the balcony. Again, darkness. I stepped out on the balcony, and sat down in one of the chairs, breathing in the sea air and again, only hearing the soft swishing of the waves as they seemed to hug the sides of the ship. I ordered room service, a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich with french fries (8/10) and was asleep before I knew it.

Thus brings in Day 2, waking up to the beauty of looking out my balcony and seeing the sparkling blue water of the ocean. Again, no cars, no lights, no sounds, no telephone ringing, no Alexa (I know, right). Going out their in the mid morning (can you believe it, I slept that late!!), it was like I was still in a dream.

Needless to say, I am now in this constant state of hunger and made my way to the buffet for some breakfast (I have since been informed that they serve a sit down breakfast in the main dining room every day) and it was delicious. I will be sure and showcase some of the food on my Instagram and in the vlog, so be sure that you are following. After working on getting some content for social media, I went back to my stateroom to do some testing for the stream. As you know, my main goal is to be able to live stream from the ship on the open sea, something that has never been done before. I really want to bring everything from inside of the ship to the shows, etc. to the Mayne Mafia and be able to have you in chat so we can talk about it and you can ask questions.

After being able to have a couple runs at the live stream and being somewhat successful in streaming from the stateroom and through the ship and to the Lido Deck, I have to say I am super pumped to keep working hard and get this right. After the stream was over, I made my way to the Red Frog Pub and had a Thirsty Frog (their own craft beer of Carnival) and it was very good. I really wanted pizza from the Pizza Pirate but the line was a little long so I opted for the buffet since I had missed it last night.

The buffet is massive, with different sections of stations like a train going around the large dining area. There is a salad buffet with everything imaginable on it (I skipped that), an American buffet with your favorite classic foods such as chicken tenders and spaghetti (don’t judge me). They had prime rib tonight, served at the carving station by a very friendly and outgoing Carnival crew member and I have to say it was delicious. There is another buffet with more exotic offerings as well as breads and rolls of all kinds. There is a large dessert buffet as well, with everything from brownies and cookies to fancy cakes and beautifully elegant pies.

I went back to my stateroom and low and behold, their was a cute little dog sitting on the bed made out of towels. I will say, it did make me a little lonely for my boy Tigger, but I know that he is being well cared for. They also give you a program or itinerary for the next day called the Fun Times. It has where you will be that day, times that the restaurants or open, what activities will be taking place, everything you need to know. It was then that I realized when we were walking through the hallways on the live stream that it was formal night in the main dining room. I also realized that I had an 8:15pm dining time and I could still make it to dinner in the dining room. So I changed, not into a tux though) and made my way to the Sapphire Dining Room. Upon checking in with the hostess, a very friendly and extremely well dressed man (the Matre di, another thing that I learned today) come up to me to let me know that I was at the wrong dining room. Apparently they assign you to a specific dining room and of course, I was at the wrong one. But, he said not to worry about it and he took care of me in a few minutes, having me seated at a table and pouring water in a glass.

I ordered spaghetti carbonara, which is spaghetti with a light buttery sauce and bacon, and it was awesome. I had prime rib for my main entree and found out you can order two entrees if you want too!! Holy Moly, this is going to be amazing. Even though I am not a dessert or sweet person, I had it on high authority to try the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake, a Carnival tradition. It is a round chocolate cake served in a white dish with vanilla ice cream (you can get two scoops of ice cream too if you like) and it was awesome!

The meal was amazing and the service by the waiters was on point. They are friendly and ask your name and really make you feel comfortable. I then decided to walk around a little bit, since I was stuffed, and made my way to the piano bar to listen to some music and then over to the Punchliner Comedy Club again (because that is the way I know how to go right now). The comedy show was great again and after that headed to the room.

Again, laying out on the bed and looking out at the ocean just seems to hypnotize you with some sort of siren song or trance. Before I knew it, I was sound asleep, being softly rocked by the sea and engulfed with the darkness of the sky. Thank goodness I set my alarm because we will have to be up early. Tomorrow we will be in Mexico!!!

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  • Great blog Chris!! I truly enjoy your writing and the way you express yourself. You have a way of pulling the reader in and making us feel like we are with you along for the journey. I have been a subscriber to your YouTube channel for almost 2 years and love how the channel has evolved. I’m soooo excited for you and the success you have achieved!! I’m looking forward to taking the ride with you into the future and am glad to be part of the Mayne Mafia.

    • Thanks David and I appreciate you reading the blogs and being a great supporter! It really means a lot to me.