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Sneak Peek: Making of S’il Vous Play at Disney’s Riviera Resort & Open House Room Tour

Today, September 24th, we were invited to Disney’s Riviera Resort for a media open house and given a first look at some of the beautiful rooms at the beautiful Disney’s Riviera Resort. We were able to learn from the imagineers of the resort how they took inspiration from the travels of Walt Disney and his family and brought them to life all throughout this Mediterranean themed, deluxe resort. But don’t let the elegance, sophistication and beauty fool you. Family fun is in the making at Disney’s Riviera Resort, the newest Walt Disney World resort and Disney Vacation Club property, under construction now and projected to open Dec. 16, 2019. I was delighted to have been able to bring you along for this sneak peek ‘through the lens of this livestreamer.’ But let me also introduce you to one of the most whimsical features of the resort – S’il Vous Play.

For young guests, the S’il Vous Play interactive water play area will be the perfect place to splash and have fun in the sun. Drawing inspiration from the grand public fountains throughout Europe, this fanciful fountain will feature several beloved characters from the classic 1940 Disney film “Fantasia.” Inspired by the “Dance of the Hours” in “Fantasia,” S’il Vous Play celebrates music, art, dance and storytelling with a creative fountain that features whimsical animals as they frolic and play in the water. You’ll find an elephant filling a dump bucket with his trunk while hippos and ostriches dance and play, and hippos splashing water into decorative bowls and basins. 

You may even spot the playful references to the animated film’s classical music, which featured the works of many European composers. In fact, S’il Vous Play’s charming musical references expand the artistic theme throughout the resort. In the midst of these delightful characters, your little ones are sure to find S’il Vous Play especially enchanting! 

When it comes to the rooms at the resort, they are elegant, sophisticated and comfortable. They are spacious even in the studio room and have the practicality that couples and families are both looking for in a Disney Vacation Club room. We were able to see the studio room first and it was super nice.

There is plenty of room for seating and we are really liking the newest feature in the rooms at Disney and those being refurbished, in being able to store your luggage underneath the beds. Also, the fact that the additional beds make the couch disappear, is a pretty cool way to bring additional sleeping space without losing space. The art in all the rooms bring in that French countryside charm and the rooms we have to say are pretty cozy.

The villa rooms are larger and have a little more flair. They offer the convenience of a small kitchenette which is really nice for those guests that may be staying longer and looking to do some meals in the room before heading off to the parks. Marble in the bathrooms is another great touch and I have to say, I could live in the bathroom, they are so beautiful.

Bookings for Disney’s Riviera Resort are open now. For more information or to make hotel reservations, visit the Walt Disney World Resort website or call 407-939-7762 or your travel agent. You can also visit David’s Vacation Club Rentals if you are interested in renting points for a Disney Vacation Club resort or villa at https://www.dvcrequest.com.

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