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SeaWorld's Electric Ocean- A Summer Glow Night Event

It has been a little bit since we have been to SeaWorld so we were excited to experience this limited summer event featuring spectacular light shows, dance parties glowing from the sea and of course, we cannot forget Shamu.

Shamu Celebration, Light Up the Night was so amazing~

We went over to see our long time friend, Shamu, in his show that will soon be coming to an end, Shamu’s Celebration-Light Up The Night.  This returning fan-favorite features original music, amazing production elements and a high-energy presentation of SeaWorld’s majestic killer whales. We watched in awe as Shamu Stadium transformed with stylistic lighting and colorful backdrops to create a celebratory atmosphere as vibrant as the sea itself.

The energy that surrounds the Electric Ocean’s Club Sea Glow Dance Party was so much fun and being able to dance with the “fishes and sea life” brought out the kid in us. When the dance party paused, the real show began.

Ignite, the firework and laser show that is presented over the lake, was a beautiful mix of sight, sound and technology. Well worth the wait, it matched up to any other theme park in the Orlando area. The synchronized water effects shoot up over 100 feet into the air and sway with the music that surrounded us. There was even pyrotechnics bringing this show to the ultimate level of wonder. We truly enjoyed this show and would see it again.

Electric Ocean is included with park admission and takes place select nights May 24 – September 1st. We will be sure that we get back there before it ends and experience this fun, neon-colored extravaganza once more time.