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SCREAM-A-GEDDON-An Alternative to the Ordinary Halloween Adventure

SCREAM-A-GEDDON is the newest Halloween attraction in the Tampa Bay area
featuring six horrifying attractions spread over 60 acres. We are exited to be chosen as a media partner with them and be able to bring you some of the horror and fright from this intense parcel of creepiness.

The “Monster Midway” will feature carnival games and a variety of food and beverages, including beer and wine. This is where you will find the new for 2019 Bonzo’s Beer Garden. A hideous but chatty clown, ready to serve you up his most ghoulish brew.

Rage 3D

Walk through rooms that will twist, turn and rotate making you question where you are putting your next step. Yes, the walls will squeeze in and reach out for you… that is normal for this type of thing.

Abnormal creatures, figures and clowns will blend in with the environment around you in a barrage of colors, shapes and architecture making you question what is living and what is a figment of your psyche. Surrender the sensation of sound as roaring music is pumped into the rooms that make screaming at the strange encounters meaningless. They can’t hear you. No one can.

Get ready to have reality, fiction, dreams, nightmares all blend into one with an over-the-top experience that will leave you panicking for more.

Demon’s Revenge

There isn’t much known about the village of Avalon. Scribbles and notes within old journals suggest a location, but the exact whereabouts are unknown. All mentions of Avalon refer to it as an epicenter of blood magic, witchcraft and the occult. Disfigured bones and rune markings litter the woods around the supposed location of Avalon.

An official ledger reveals that Avalon’s residents went missing at a brisk pace. Month after month, year after year, the disappearances grew.

The final tale tells of a citizen-led uprising against witchcraft, with all those accused of sorcery being tortured to death for confessions. The tale goes on to say that the souls of those executed then opened a portal to hell unleashing demons upon the village to rip apart the townsfolk one by one.

Those who stumble upon the location of the portal to hell are grasped by a dark force, thrust into an alternate reality where the souls of the townsfolk are eternally subjected to the demon’s revenge…

Zombie Paintball Assault

* This attraction is so intense it requires a separate ride ticket, available at checkout *

  • Recruit Package w/100 Paintballs = $9.95
  • Specialist Package w/ 200 Paintballs = $14.95
  • Sniper Package w/ 300 Paintballs = $19.95



It’s been awhile since the last time we were scared of those pathetic pieces of man-meat that used to chew on our neighbor’s stomach before we developed the art of separating head, from body and got real good at it.

Word down the crick is the boys and girls in suits are finally opening up the RED ZONE for “ORGANIZED RECREATIONAL ZOMBIE HUNTING PARTIES” or “O.R.Z.H.P.s”… (suits and their dopey a-cro-nyms).

Have no fear my little zombie killing cherubs. Each of our Zombie Assault Vehicles or “Z.A.V.s” (We can make stupid a-cro-nyms too!) comes equipped with standard-issue Zombie Paintball Guns for your pleasure that dishes out pain to the zombies in the form of little balls of death.

These are just half of the zones and houses that you will experience at Scream- A-Geddon Horror Park. This is a very intense experience and would recommend that you be up for the chills and thrills of this park. Strobe lights are used in the houses as well, so for those that may have sensitivity to lighting, we would like you to be being aware that they are used.

Also, in select house, you can option to wear glow necklaces, to let the scare actors know that it is alright to grab you or touch you inside of the house. This adds another complete level to the whole experience. Scream-A-Geddon is definitely not for the faint of heart but for those loving the ‘over the top’ fright night, this could absolutely be the park for you!

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