Running through a Village of Hope; It's a Challenge but One that We Will Gladly Step Up To the Finish Line For..

Another early morning, another Starbucks in my hand, another time surrounded by runners warming up with stretching, jumping jacks and nervous chatter. But this morning, unlike the other race events that I have been a part of, there are hundreds of smiles, waves of laughter and the air is filled with hope.

This morning we are at the Give Kids The World Village Challenge for Hope. This race that takes the runners around the whimsical village, high five-ing families and children along the course’s path is nothing like anything that I have experienced before.

Joined with fellow teammate Rachel from DisLyfeOfOurs, our Magic Streamdom team was ready to get our sneakers on and run this race not for ourselves, but for those children and families that depend on the money raised today to make their dreams come true. The dream of a magical vacation, an escape from the every day of their illnesses and stress of medical bills, to come to Give Kids The World Village and “just be like any other child” experiencing the Orlando theme parks and eating ice cream for breakfast (well, that part may be a little more special).

Thanks to Omar and the entire Give Kids The World Village who helped our team participate this year in the Challenge for Hope and were so wonderful throughout the race. Thank you so much to Pam Landwirth, President and CEO of Give Kids The World Village for naming Magic Streamdom the Top Influencer Team for Fundraising. This was an honor that we could not even comprehend or expected (as a matter of fact, Rachel was busy getting our race information when it was announced) and we are extremely humbled and grateful to Give Kids The World village.

We didn’t come in first but winning is not what this race is all about. It is all about the children and their families whose life will be changed when they get to come and visit this amazing place. As we made our way around the race path, we were met by characters who greeted us, hugged us, danced with us (yes, there was even a dance warm up!) and made the journey a great fun and exciting experience. Even though the weather was rainy and dreary, it did not dampen our mood as their was just so much joy everywhere you looked.

I so wished that everyone from Magic Streamdom could have been there and so honored that I have been able to work with them as a partner on many projects this past year. Of course, this is just the beginning of many years to come and I know that myself and all of the Magic Streamdom affiliate partner channels look forward to next year’s fundraising event.

But, as for this event, we had a wonderful time, were inspired by so many children and their families and so blessed to be able to take a special recognition that so many deserve other than myself. We hope that next year, our Magic Streamdom team will be double the amount of people and look forward to running along side all those that have supported the Give Kids The World Village this past year.

Are you interested in becoming involved with helping Give Kids The World Village by volunteering or making a donation? Go to: http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/Event/General?px=1424912&pg=personal&fr_id=1862 to find out more information.