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Red Carpet Interviews with the Mouseketeers at Epcot

This had to be one of the most amazing things that we have ever been involved with. Attending tonight as press for the event, we will be meeting and chatting with the All New Mousekeeters and celebrating their 30th anniversary. We were even able to take our picture on the Red Carpet!

We were able to hear from the panel of the Mickey Mouse Club earlier today at MegaCon and even got to ask the panel a question! During the evening we are speaking with Joey Fatone, the host for the evening’s event along with Chase Hampton, Lindsey Allen, Tiffini Hale, Josh Akerman and many more.

All superchats and donations made for tonight will be going to Give Kids The World Village and One Pulse Foundation. Thanks to everyone who donated during the live stream.

We will then hear from some of the Mousekeeters and we even heard that Lindsey is going to do some “not so Disney comedy”. We will zip through Epcot real quick to grab a bite to eat and see some of the sights then back into the party to dance the night away.