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Our First Media Event-Pasta Palooza at Disney's Springs' Maria & Enzo's

Who doesn’t love ravioli? I know that we do and we were so excited to be invited to Maria and Enzo’s Restaurant at Disney’s Springs for our very first media event. For those of you who know that this live streamer likes food, having dish after dish of handcrafted ravioli was a dream come true.

Not being a food “afficionado” one can still enjoy the simple things in life like good quality and carefully prepared dishes. Starting with the star of the show this night was the Ravioli Ala Tre Formaggi- say that three times fast. It was amazing! This is a staple menu item that guests can always order. The word ravioli comes from the Italian word “riavvolgere,” which means “to wrap.” It may be surprising that ravioli was not served with tomato sauce until the 16th century, when tomatoes were introduced to Italy from the New World. Italian tradition is to serve vegetarian ravioli, with meat being served as a course later in the meal. The Maria & Enzo’s seasonal variation of a three-cheese ravioli hits another level of pasta nirvana with parmesan, smoked pecorino, and ricotta ravioli topped with tomato sauce and an almond basil pesto. 

We were able to sample and explore many different types of ravioli on this night of firsts, even with an interactive “guess what kind of pasta this is” with Chef Charlie Restivo. Before we were served this amazing meal, we got to observe the Chef making the raviolis and showing us how simple they are to even make at home. Any of you make your own pasta?

This is a great night and even had the finishing touch of cannolis for dessert which were awesome as well. Maria & Enzo’s is a breathtaking place, taking you back in time to the early 40’s when air travel was exciting and new.

The restaurant takes on the look of an airport terminal and the nostalgia compliments the food. We would absolutely recommend trying Maria & Enzo’s! Tell them Spokesmayne sent you!