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One of the Most Terrifying Haunted Attractions in Florida! Scream A Geddon Has Returned

Friday night we were invited out for a media event at one of the most terrifying and immersive haunted attractions in and around Orlando, in my opinion, Scream A Geddon! After an amazing meal in space at Walt Disney World just hours before, this was a shock to the fantasy world system for sure!!! Thank you so much to the amazing team at Scream A Geddon and I remember from last year, that his was going to be quite an experience and one that Alessa was going to see first hand for the first time.

If you recall from last year’s trip, I was able to get “transformed” into a scare actor, but do to new COVID regulations and policies, that was not to be this time around. We completely understand and I was so grateful for that experience last year. Again, as soon as you arrive, the “carnival creepiness” sets in and you sort of doubt if this was really the right decision to make. Not only is Scream A Geddon super immersive, it gains more of it due to the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere, just outside of Dade City, Florida and about an hour and a half from the Disney theme parks. Yes, folks, this is spooky central and you better hang on tight!!

Scream A Geddon is unlike any other haunted, spooky or even horror destination or attraction I have ever been too. It is totally immersive (I keep saying that but it is so true) and you end up walking through one scare zone into another, from haunted bars and lounges to mazes that jsut don’t give you a break in the terrifying. When you leave, your senses are on overload, you have no voice and your nervous system is about shot! But, oh, is it worth it!!

New this year is Bloodwater Bayou, an attraction that feeds on your recollections of urban legends. Deeper legends mention a priestess who walks the backwaters with a bone headdress, a necklace made of fingers and a trail of bloody footsteps. The priestess was obsessed with the notion that the waters of the bayou must be purified by hypnotizing the innocent with Hoodoo magic and transporting them to an alternate plane of existence. While the plane looks like ours, the shadows are crawling with demons, monsters and sharp teeth waiting to rend you flesh from bone.

The only means of escape for those who fall prey to the priestess falls at the feet of the shifty and powerful Papa Legba, the Speaker of the Dead. An audience with him is your only means of escaping. Only he will determine if you are worthy to return to the world of the living or if you’re better off serving the Bloodwater Bayou forever.

Each attraction (or house) is perfectly themed from Ravenhill Asylum, Zombie Paintball Assault to Demon’s Revenge. We were not able to go into all of the attractions tonight unfortunately, due to time constraints, but we did get into quite a few thanks to the awesome media staff. Honestly, I am not sure we could have taken all of them in one night. There is plenty to see and do here so being able to come back again would definitely be worth it.

Bonzo’s Beer Garden is back again this year, serving up ghoulishly, devilish concoctions in a super spooky way. Check out the video below for a little preview of what you can expect.

For more information, hours and to purchase your ticket online, visit: https://www.screamageddon.com/buy-tickets/category/hours/. I am also giving away two VIP tickets to Scream A Geddon, so if you will be in the area from now until October 31st and would like to experience it yourself, comment on our Facebook post of this article and let us know that you want to BE SCARED AT SCREAM A GEDDON (put this in the post)!! Just make sure that you WILL be able to redeem the tickets before commenting. The first person to comment and give the correct “phrase” and gives us their info will win.

Thank you to Scream A Geddon, their amazing media team and the awesome scare actors and team members of this awesome event for a fantastic and terrifying night! We cannot wait to come back again!

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