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New Princess and the Frog Restaurant Coming to the Disney's Reflections Hotel

The new experience will be coming to Disney’s newest announced hotel, Reflections Resort. This new hotel will be a classic country lodge re-imagined. It will feature a-frame houses and treehouse suites.

The decor of the new restaurant will be done in greens and purples, much like Tiana’s dress and accessories! All I’m sayin’ is that Tiana better be servin’ up some of her famous gumbo and beignets! You know that we love the beignets! Are there mint juleps too?? Nestled in the “woods of the bayou” I am sure that we will hear the sweet chirping of the crickets and maybe even spot an alligator or two! What do you think?

Here you will find Disney nature-based stories, which will allow the new Princess and Frog restaurant to fit in perfectly! We are sure there will also be some awesome meet and greets going on here. Can’t wait to see this come to light!! Let us know what you think of the new restaurant and will you make reservations when it is complete.