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Words cannot express how excited and honored I am to be selected as a partner with Carnival Cruise Line. However, excited is an understatement when it comes to how I felt when we came over the bridge towards Port Canaveral and I saw all those boats……oh, sorry, SHIPS.

All lined up, like Ubers at a Walt Disney World Resort, they grew bigger and bigger as we drove closer to the Port. I saw ships on all sides, terminals that look like something out of a SyFy movie and then, right in front of me, was my ship, the Carnival Breeze!! It is an incredible day and the weather could not be better. Needless to say, it was overwhelming and a little stressful for this simple guy, never having been on a cruise before and trying to take in all the things that you can do on this cruise. Carnival’s website along with their Carnival app, did make things easier, sort of navigating me through what to do. I am extremely appreciative to the support and PR staff at Carnival Cruise Lines for selecting me and helping me with the many questions that I threw at them. From the most important one for me, connection, what to bring off the ship at port to them giving me priority boarding and hosting me for some specialty dining experiences that I will be able to share with the Mayne Mafia, they were always informative and understanding, offering suggestions and help every step of the way.

As I got to the terminal, driven by Ultimate Town Car, shout out to them, our newest sponsor, for getting me to the port on time and very comfortable. My heart was racing and I was both a little nervous and very excited. Jose helped me unload my suitcases out of the luxury ride and I made my way to the boarding area. An energetic gentleman came up to me and with a great Good Morning, let me know that he would take care of my checked luggage and helped me with luggage tags and speedily was on his way with them and directed me to where I needed to check in. With my documentation in hand, along with my priority boarding pass on my app, I headed into the terminal; which was massive. I really wanted to bring you guys along but as you can imagine, security is a priority here and felt it best to get the business at hand done quickly so that I could get on the ship and bring you guys the fun that the Carnival “Fun Ships” will have in store for us over the next 8 days.

Thanks to the priority boarding given to me by Carnival, I was on the ship by noon. Stepping aboard and being greeted to the friendly and energetic crew of the Carnival Breeze is hard to put into words, but what was even more incredible was the lobby (or atrium as it is technically called). It was massive, and you looked up to see these glass elevators side by side, like something out of Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory. Amber lighting and soft music played by musicians on the stage just seemed to suck the hustle and bustle and stress of life right out of me, and I can tell you, this was nothing like I have ever seen before.

Wanting to see more, and so excited to have you, the Mayne Mafia along with me on this amazing adventure, we headed upstairs to the 10th floor, oops, deck and soon I was sipping an amazing margarita from the Blue Iguana Cantina Bar. The Carnival Breeze is a beautiful, 130,000 tons of colorful adventure, so much to see and do, it looks like it will take me all 8 days just to find out everything it holds as far as fun. It was really exciting to be able to stream from the ship and bring you guys with me, exploring what there was on the ship, play a little basketball (how cool is that!), dance away to the cupid shuffle, and see some of the interior of the ship. Another cool thing we shared on stream was grabbing a Guy’s Burger, the restaurant on the Lido Deck created by Guy Fieri.

This burger was amazing and the fries were surprisingly delicious as well. I can see that this will not be my last burger (by the way, I did have another one later that night).

I was able to get into my stateroom, which was awesome! (Pictures will be forthcoming in the next few blogs). It was not a large as a typical hotel room but definitely on the same scale, with plenty of closet space, drawers, plugs and USB ports (that’s important you know), a king size bed, a couch and the most incredible part, the balcony!! Being able to step outside on the balcony and take in the view, it really made me speechless. I cannot wait to be out here while we are at see and bring the Mayne Mafia along!

Positive vibes Mayne Mafia and strap in. We are about to take off on an adventure not like any we have done before. Also, thanks so much to Carnival Cruise Lines for giving me this incredible opportunity and I hope to be able to bring the Mayne Mafia on more to come!!

Be sure and follow along on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/spokesmayne and on Instagram at https:www.instagram.com/spokesmayne and follow #choosefun and #cruisingcarnival, as we take on this amazing adventure and opportunity given to us by Carnival Cruise Lines. This is only the beginning of a year of new and exciting places that we will be visiting.

Looking to book your own adventure on a Carnival cruise? Be sure and visit carnival.com or give our official travel partners and sponsors Fairytale Journeys Travel a shout at https://www.fairytalejourneys.com. They will get you all set up so you too can be cruising the seas and relaxing in your own lounge chair enjoying a Guy’s Burger.

Spokesmayne; Carnival Cruise Line