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Much More Than Just A Store..Universal Legacy Store

As many of you know, I am not a merch guy. I do like certain things, but have never been caught up in needing things right when they come out. I feel part of that is because when I was a kid, the opportunity to even come to Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort WAS our souvenir. Me and my brother and sister got to pick out one thing and therefore, it was just something that I grew up with.

However, I do enjoy looking at new and fun things that come out in the parks and know that you guys love looking at them. When it comes to stores, though, the Universal Legacy Store is another matter. Much more than just a place to go buy your favorite shirt, hat or souvenir, it is a step back into time and takes you down memory lane.


The new store, which opened recently in Universal CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort, is full of nods to attractions over the 31 year history of Universal, props and photos from throughout the years, and of course, plenty of incredible Universal Orlando merchandise. 

Due to success in previous years that the Tribute Store, with things like Halloween Horror Nights and Mardi Gras, doin really well, the Legacy Store was born. The theme of that store is the 30th anniversary of Universal Studios. Having rows of props, memorabilia, to character recreations and moquettes used in attractions and events over the years, you could spend a couple of hours in here if you are not careful. There is even a moquette from the ET Adventure ride vehicle, which is our last remaining original ride. I mean who would have thought that an original moquette still existed, but it’s there in the Universal Legacy Store for people to see. Props from the action packed and ever popular ‘Jaws’ are on display and yes, if you have the cash you could take it home for yourself.


Have you been to the Universal Legacy Store at Universal Orlando Resort? If so, what was your favorite part?

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