Meeting the Cast of Back to the Future at MegaCon 2019

As many of you are aware, when it comes to favorite movies, Back to the Future is the hands down on for this livestreamer. We were so excited to be able to sit in on the panel of the cast, listen to their stories and even ask questions!

Micheal J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Tom Wilson, Lea Thompson and James Tolkin were all in attendance, mingling with those that had VIP access to the special back stage entry. Later on in the evening we were able to go meet them in person, of course Adam The Woo and Tom Wilson had to “hijack” the stream, but after the fun and frolick, we headed over to the hotel for a grand evening music and dancing at “Enchantment Under the Sea”.

This was a dream come true and it was just a joy and privilege to be able to have you share in this amazing night “through the lens of this livestreamer”.