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Making a Difference – A Special Day for a Group of Cocoa Beach Children

Every day it is amazing that we have the ability to head to the parks anytime we want. Within a few minutes, we can be boarding the monorail, taking a selfie in front of the rotating globe or getting splashed by a two ton whale. It is a true blessing that going to places such as these is almost every day for this livestreamer and for that, so grateful. It is important to remember just how fortunate we are in being able to visit the Most Magical Place on Earth.

However, for some, being able to meet Mickey and Minnie or even step foot on Main Street and see the awesome Cinderella Castle is a dream that may never happen.

Thanks to the Cocoa Beach Police Department in coordination with Disney, they were able to take 25 Cocoa Beach children to Walt Disney World for a day of laughter, fun and magic. This effort was part of an initiative by nonprofit organization Cocoa Community First Inc.

“Thank you to everyone who supports this non-profit and thank you to Disney for helping us connect with our kids,” Cocoa police wrote in a Facebook post.

The children were selected by Brevard County school principals and teachers according to their behavior and accomplishments.

“It’s about making them feel special and letting them know we are so very proud of their good behavior and accomplishments,” the post said. “We are grateful to be able to do this each year.”

Parents said they were thrilled for their children, many of whom have never been to Disney.