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Magic Streamdom Holiday Special 2021~~An Amazing Night of Food, Fun, Entertainment, Sparkling Lights and More, All Benefiting Give Kids the World Village

We are super excited to start gearing up towards Magic Streamdom this year on December 3-5th with an incredible and first time ever kickoff event! This formal affair being held at Give Kids the World Village on December 2nd, will bring together our affiliate channel partners, entertainers, supportive guests, Wish families and special guests into an amazing Winter Wonderland.

In this first part series leading up to Magic Streamdom Holiday Special 2021 and the telethon-esque 30+ hour, continuous live stream from all around the world, adding to the awesome affiliate channel partners who have been a part of Magic Streamdom over the past two years, we will be highlighting those channels, our entertainers giving of their talents and time, as well as our sponsors who are helping make this event possible, ALL to raise awareness and money for a charity that I have been so passionate about and working hard for since 2018, Give Kids the World Village.

On December 2, 2021, Magic Streamdom will be kicked off with a night of elegance, sparkle, inspiration, entertainment and more, into a Winter Wonderland experience which will include winter frolickers, whimsical snow fairies and even a snow queen, along with our favorite Give Kids the World ambassadors Mayor Clayton and Miss Mayor, adorned in their evening best. The show, hosted by none other than the award-winning Mark Daniel and super talented Kristen Sheola, will showcase amazing entertainment as well as highlight and introduce the outstanding people and Wish families that do so much and create once in a lifetime memories for those children and families that come to the Village. After the show (which will be live streamed from 6:30pm – 8:45(ish)pmEST), guests will be able to dance, meet and mingle and then be taken on a VIP tour of A Night of A Million Lights in a fantastic and spectacular finale to the evening.

Today we are highlighting the channels that were able to participate in our “mini-kickoff fundraiser” on Monday, Sept 20th. Coming together in a true collaboration of content creators, live streamers powered up to simultaneously stream at the same time, showing their individual perspectives, personalities and commentary along with some crazy challenges and antics, to raise money and reach our first goal as part of Magic Streamdom.

PC: Drew In The Moment

Although all of our local affiliate channel partners wanted to attend, some had schedule commitments and we were so grateful to everyone that not only were able to stay overnight or just hang out for a while helping to raise money, but also the channels that could not be there in person, rallying as an awesome cheerleading squad to those that were putting themselves through some tough challenges. We had channel partners joining in not just from the local group of affiliate partners but from the West Coast, Australia and our newest channel partner, Jake’s Journey from New Zealand who will be showcasing Shanghai this year!!

Together, we topped our goal for the night of $5,000, raising over $5,800 in just over 4 hours!! Honestly, I was blown away and again, as Walt always said, “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible” rings true, as Magic Streamdom always becomes something much more than just an outlet to raise money for an incredible organization but more importantly, what it was created to be; a way for the Disney content creator community to come together, work together and yes, stream together as one group, making a difference in the lives of critically ill children and their families. I can only say that it is such a blessing and honor for me to be a part of this amazing group of people and the inspiration, motivation and passion they show for Magic Streamdom and Give Kids the World Village is overwhelming. Thank you to those that were able to attend: Touring the Galaxy (who were so helpful on so many fronts including Cam, the Grill Master), EarsomEmporium (rushing in to get pied in the face as the OG’er that she is), Drew In the Moment (KIng of the Silly Salmon, with their amazing kids), Ear to Ear Magic (with their children and an ice chest down his back), That Crazy Disney Lady (who rearranged here entire schedule to be there), Healthy Dose of Disney (who jumped right in as if she has done this before); Mark Daniel and Mds Figgy (who may have won the pied in the face trophy), Sorcerer’s Apprentice Andy (who came right from work and rehearsal), Piano Rob and Allie (without the piano but with some killer Instagram); Alice Payne Clark (along with her amazing family who were representing on Tik Tok), Florida Park Explorers (who also may be new to Magic Streamdom but were not afraid to take on any challenge) and the most amazing woman, That Disney Girl, who is so awesome in not only being the first to get a pie in the face but also drinking the sweetest concoction ever, but knowing how to keep things organized and jump in when needed when it comes to Magic Streamdom (well, our life honestly). Without these amazing people, along with the other channel partners and supportive Disney viewing community, Magic Streamdom would not be what it has become. I am always truly humbled and grateful for each and every one of those that attended and those channels that were such amazing supporters in the stream(S) throughout the evening along with the overwhelmingly incredible donations and support from each and every one of the viewers that tuned in, not only to one streamer’s stream, but stream hopped around to show support to everyone’s stream and social media platform!

We also want to thank Magical Vacation Homes for hosting the stay, affording us the opportunity to be able to raise money for Give Kids the World Village from such an incredible place! This home, known as the Ultimate Retreat, was truly that! With almost 24 people at one point in the house, channels streaming, doing their own challenges and narrating, it not only gave us the opportunity to have spaces to relax, sleep that evening and gather content to put out for the fundraiser, with PLENTY of space for everyone, including the kids that were blown away by the game rooms, movie theatre and the amazing bedroom that I wanted to stay in!! If you and your family would like to stay in one of these gorgeous homes or you want to get more information, visit https://www.magicalvacationhomes.com and tell them you so them on Magic Streamdom!!

This was an incredible night of raising money for a great cause, being able to meet some people for the first time as well as connecting with each other and forming some great friendships not only with the adults that were there but also the kids that really were not only helpful throughout the night but really gelled with one another and are looking to see each other again.

If you would like to attend the event on December 2nd in person, as well as hanging out over the Magic Streamdom weekend, you can still reserve your tickets (they are again, almost sold out so act now) at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/magic-streamdom-holiday-special-benefitting-give-kids-the-world-village-tickets-153153583491?aff=ebdssbeac. If you would like to be involved with Magic Streamdom, either as a volunteer or sponsor of the event, we do still have limited opportunities so please contact spokesmaynemedia@gmail.com and one of our committee members will reach back out to you.

Again, thank you to ALL of the affiliate channel partners of Magic Streamdom and if you would like to see who is participating this year or more information on the event, including lodging discounts at our Official Hotel, Wyndham Lake Buena Vista at Disney Springs and our silent auction, go to https://magicstreamdom.org.

Spokesmayne; PC Drew in the Moment