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One of the most rewarding and amazing things that this channel has been a part of is being an official partner with Give Kids The World Village. We have been able to stream three fundraisers to date and now, we can announce the largest fundraising event to date.

On September 28, 2019, 16+ affiliate partner channels will come together, uniting under the Magic Streamdom umbrella, continuously live streaming for more than 16 hours from 10 theme parks, hearing from some inspirational executives and families from GKTW village, cameo appearances, featured segments and some surprise celebrity interviews. As host channel, we will be beginning this “Live Stream Marathon” from Give Kids The World Village and then moving to Magic Kingdom, the four Disney Parks, Universal, Universal’s Island of Adventure, SeaWorld, then, yes, across the country to Disneyland in California, Disneyland’s California Adventure and then over the pond to Disneyland Paris all seamlessly through the technology of Magic Streamdom.

It is such a blessing to be working with other channels and putting together a fundraiser that not only brings like minded creators together for a cause but also to unite us as part of this great creator community. Many of the channels, cameo guest appearances and celebrity interviews that will be featured on Magic Streamdom will be those very familiar to everyone and some will be surprises! For the most part, we have all worked together in the you tube community and for many, we have known each other for years, even back to the periscope days.

We want to thank the affiliate partner channels, influencers and guests. A huge thank you to those representatives at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Parks and Recreation, the three Platinum Sponsors of Give Kids The World, for their assistance in helping this live stream fundraiser come to fruition and of course, the phenomenal staff and volunteers at Give Kids The World Village who work tirelessly every day to bring joy and a place of hope to children and their families during their one week stay.

It is an amazing honor that these amazing people have joined in on the marathon live stream and we are working hard for this fundraiser to be a great success in helping the children and families of Give Kids the World Village. All superchats, PayPals, Streamlabs, and ad revenue will be donated to Give Kids The World Village during the 16+ hour live stream from all channels. You will also be able to donate through their social media platforms for your favorite channel, the Magic Streamdom/GKTW Url link, Facebook and Amazon Smile. We want to make donating as easy and effort free as possible for everyone so that GKTW will be able to get as many donations as possible. Streaming from the parks during this 16+ hour continuous stream are the phenomenal Magic Streamdom teams or affiliates partner channels:

  • Attractions Magazine
  • Big Fat Panda
  • Carolina Grabova
  • DisLyfeOfOurs
  • DisneyiRLTV (broadcasting from Disneyland and DCA in California)
  • Dlrpfans (streaming from Disneyland Paris)
  • Earsome Emporium
  • Living by Disney
  • Paging Mr Morrow
  • Spokesmayne
  • The Main Street Mouse
  • Touring The Galaxy

Special Cameo Appearances and Features will include: DisneyPrincessCouture, The Lost Brothers, The Disney Project, some amazing alumni children and families of Give Kids the World Village, Pam Landwirth, President and CEO of Give Kids The World Village, The New Mousekeeters (with some super surprises), Disney Imagineers and more. Celebrity interviews will be revealed in the next upcoming announcement.

So, be sure and mark your calendars for September 28th, beginning at 8:30am EST as we bring a fun, exciting, inspiring and yes, probably emotional day to you ‘through the lens of MANY live streamers” as we work hard and do our best to bring awareness and needed donations to the children that depend on Give Kids The World Village. You won’t want to miss a single minute!!

Donation links are provided below. You can donate to either link as of now. All channels involved will be using the Magic Streamdom link during the marathon stream. If you would like to donate right now, please go to www.gktw.org/spokesmayne or www.gktw.org/MagicStreamdom. You can donate now until the fundraising stream on September 28th! All funds go directly to Give Kids The World Village.