Looking to Purchase or Rent a Home in Central Florida? Need a Company to Manage a Property you already Own? Let Me Introduce You To My Friends.

The first time I met Ben, we connected right away. He is a visionary, a guy that sees a goal and shoots for that, like looking into the sky and seeing his future. Well, in reality, that is exactly what Ben did. Not only is he a trusted professional in the real estate market but he is a super cool dude and a REAL rocket scientist. Really!

Besides Ben being a professional pilot, an aircraft A&P mechanic, a 757 systems engineer, and a Presidential campaign manager, he also went on to became an engineer for NASA for launch operations on the Space Shuttle program. Then he worked as a business consultant and PMP with businesses around the world and a lead corporate trainer for management systems auditing programs all around the United States and Europe. He is super creative and innovative, which is why I think that we gel so well (although he is way smarter for goodness sake) and has founded three internet startup companies and also a real estate investment fund. The personal relationship that we have is one of the reasons that I am so grateful to be able to have The Realty Medics as our newest sponsor and Official Real Estate and Property Management Partner.

The Realty Medics is Orlando’s highest 5-star rated property manager for a reason. In today’s world, property management is rocket science. So they use advanced technology developed by this NASA scientist to engineer a better experience for you.

They believe that technology should enhance the human touch, not replace it. Unlike traditional property managers, they pride ourselves on being First Responders who solve problems quickly and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Why do they combine technology and customer service to go where no other property manager has gone before? Because this is our home, so we know the importance of taking care of yours.

Their vision is a world where people recognize Central Florida as the best place to live because it’s the best place to rent. They are top notch as not only taking care of your current property, but finding the perfect house if you are looking to purchase one in the area or looking to rent a property till you find your forever home. I myself am looking forward to Ben and his team helping me find that perfect place in the near future and I will be taking you along with me as they educate me (and you) on this sometimes overwhelminig and stressful process, so that hopefully you can learn from it and if you are looking into coming to the Orlando area to live or have a property here that you need someone to manage for you, you can relay on them to be the realtors that will do the job for you!

Their Mission is to constantly re-engineer property management to deliver the best possible rental experiences for our Orlando & Central Florida neighbors. If you are looking for investment property in Central Florida, property management, or to rent or purchase a home, go to The Realty Medics at https://www.therealtymedics.com/