Looking For New Camera Equipment or Just Need For a Trip? BorrowLenses is Just What You are Looking For

Want great pictures on your vacation but don’t want to spend hundreds on new equipment? Maybe you just want to try out something that you heard is the next best thing without the hassle of purchasing and then having to return it. Or maybe you just need that special lens for a special ocassion or your child’s sports tournament or dance competition.

Then BorrowLenses is just what you are looking for. As someone that travels with a ton of equipment already, and is difficult to get through security at the airport with it, I loved the fact that they will deliver wherever you need them to. They deliver superior, cutting-edge gear and provide exceptional customer service. Rent, shoot, return – it’s as easy as that. You choose what you want, when you want to receive it, and for how long you want to rent it for. They ship the gear directly to you, or to one of our many convenient pick-up locations. Your specially-packaged gear comes with a prepaid return label for ship-back ease and the entire rental process is done completely through their website.

Now if you need to speak to someone, they are more than happy to do that as well. From name brand cameras, numerous lenses, professional video equipment, to all types of accessories, they will make sure that you get exactly what you need and get it to you on time. It is packed in a super safe and secure case and packaging so that it arrives to you in the best shape and they have everything done for you to ship it right back to them when you are finished.

If you are looking for additional equipment to supplement what you have for a special project, they have lighting, mounts and more. They also sell slightly used equipment for great prices as well, just in case you really like that camera and want to keep it.

I highly recommend BorrowLenses and their staff is great, super friendly and very informative. If you would like to see their products or rent equipment for your next adventure; visit: www.borrowlenses.com. Tell them Spokesmayne sent you.

Spokesmayne; BorrowLenses