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Local YouTube Couple Make Headlines in Disneyland

What happens when you have finished a long day of first attending a media event for a charity, then live streaming in to the late night at Villians Night? Go home, grab a drink, put on some PJs and then off to bed? No, not when you look and see this awesome YouTube couple of the “front page” of the Disney Parks Blog.

June and Rachel, otherwise known in the YouTube community as DisLyfeOfOurs, are funny, creative and yes, our friends. It was not a surprise that Disney Parks Blog picked them to highlight this article on tasting the Blue Milk in Star Wars Galaxy Edge in Disneyland when we where there for the historic opening. The energy and laid back vibe that surrounds them makes you want to watch their content and yes, even hang out with them.

So, since the remote planet of Batuu is filled with new and exotic flavors from a galaxy far, far away, while exploring Black Spire Outpost inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland park, we came across the Milk Stand, serving local delicacies – Blue Milk and Green Milk.

Direct from Bubo Wamba Family Farms, Batuu’s legendary blue and green treats offer travelers an invigorating, refreshing drink. These frosty confections are delicious blends of exotic tastes and fruity accents. 

Ever since Luke Skywalker sat down for a family meal in “Star Wars: A New Hope,” Star Wars fans have wanted the answer to a question four decades in the making: What does Blue Milk taste like?

That is where they sought out the advice of DisLyfeOfOurs! Want to find out what it tasted like? Go over to their channel, www.youtube.com/DisLyfeOfOurs and find out!

No trip to Batuu would be complete without tasting Blue (or Green) Milk. Have you tried it? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.