Let’s Have a Chat..Blogger Style

Just as Walt Disney envisioned Epcot to be the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a city that will always be growing technologically and always advancing into new territory, that is not different from the vision and dream that I have for the Spokesmayne channel.

We have had a very busy summer on this channel, from live streaming from the Disney Parks with new land openings, streaming from Disneyland and covering D23 in California then covering announcements as media from Universal and SeaWorld as they unveiled new parks and new attractions coming in the future. Being honored with Disney media and attending our first media previews, resort tours and stays, a new music video that literally, took off, and even risking limbs to feed some gators.

One of the biggest honors and privilege was becoming a partner with the amazing Give Kids The World. From visiting the amazing whimsical resort to getting all dressed up and being graciously invited to the 31st Annual Black and White Gala, it has been a whirlwind of emotion. Then, producing a marathon live stream fundraiser that brought together the YouTube community like it has never been seen before in the theme park community, with over 16 channels, imagineers, celebrities and most importantly, the wish families that touch our hearts and drive us to work harder to bring joy to them, all to bring awareness for this amazing charity. So, before we turn into the ever fun, exciting and busier ‘spooky season’, let’s take time to talk and reflect.

The channel has always been an extremely interactive one. My goal as a creator and live streamer is to bring you the best quality streams, not only visually but mentally, bringing you content that is innovative and always improving yet has some meaning and purpose behind it, whether it be to have a fun day at the park, learn about conservation or raise money for an important charity.

Connecting with you, the Mayne Mafia and creating a safe and welcoming community is what we strive to do. During the 24/48/72 hour streams, taking you back to the ‘Mayne Mansion’, eating dinner with you, playing some video games or to reminisce with some of the personal you tube video that we break out of the vault. Chatting one on one with the Mayne Mafia is another important and special part of what this channel is all about, lovingly known as the “sleep streams.”

So, as the fall season approaches, traditional Halloween festivities, parties, new haunted houses and events, exlusive previews and behind the scenes streaming, Christmas decorations and yuletide cheer, the channel will be moving full speed ahead. There is so much to see and do. Bringing you to see as much as possible and taking you to be able to experience new and different places and attractions as well as innovative and technologically “raising the bar” ‘through the lens of this live streamer,’ will always be the top priority of what the Spokesmayne channel is at the deepest of its core.

So, that being said, what are some things that you would really like to go to during the holiday season? Is there a special party or event that you would like to see on the stream? Would you like to keep having a resort tour or two? How about some out of the ordinary things at the parks? Of course, we will continue to live stream from the theme parks throughout Orlando but it is important to me to know what you like, and even dislike.

The Spokesmayne channel is an extension of what the vision of this live streamer is, however, you are a very important part of the “family” that is the channel and have been from the beginning. The interaction between you and this livestreamer is an integral piece in the channel’s puzzle and is what motivates me to always move the channel in a positive and technologically growing way. Staying the same and doing the same thing does not promote excitement whether it be in our own lives or through the channel. So, let me know what you think and would like to do. Of course, we may not be able to do all the suggestions, but all are welcomed!

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