Land Ho!..Is That Mexico??

Today, on Day 3 of this amazing cruising adventure, I have the awesome privilege to bring the Mayne Mafia to Mexico! No, not Mexico in Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort but to COZUMEL, MEXICO baby!! Can you believe it! The Mayne Mafia is in Mexico.

The first thing that I noticed when I debarked (that is one of the new terms that I learned) was that the pier that Carnival docks at is extremely long. They even have carriages pulled by people on bicycles to bring you up to the port area. I have never seen that before! You then go through this massive gift shop or store, which is the duty free store (from my understanding you have to pay taxes on things coming back and these things are free from that charge). It was a very nice store and I ended up getting a selfie stick there so that it would help me with capturing even more quality pictures for Instagram and the vlogs (yes, not just live streaming here people…and be sure to catch the blogs on spokesmayne.co as I journal this trip as well). Who said this was a vacation??

As we joined up on the stream in Puerta Maya, which is the port that Carnival has built and runs in Cozumel, it is very colorful and bustling with people. There were four or five cruise ships in port today but still not as crowded as a typical day at the Magic Kingdom. I have to say, I should have brought my heart monitor along because mine must have been beating about 200 beats per minute as the realization that we were in a completely new country set in! I hope that you were as excited as I was and from reading your comments in chat, I feel that you were. We made our way around the port area, taking in the sights and of course, stopping off to get a REAL authentic beer in Mexico. We settled for a Modelo (which I believe you can purchase back home) but it is a Mexican beer and we are drinking it in Mexico, so that is that.

One of the things that I wanted to check out for sure while we were in Mexico was the beaches. So, with your suggestions from chat, we headed to grab a taxi or some type of transportation and find out how to get to the beach, really any beach. After a little jibber jabber from one of the friendly tour people at the taxi depot, I came to realize that they are looking to make some money off of the non-informed tourists such as myself that are looking for a way around Cozumel. After being told it would run around $50 to go out to the beach, and with the prompting from chat, we decided to strike out on our own and grab a taxi ourselves and head for Paradise Beach. This decision ended up being a pretty good one as we only paid $15 to get to the beach. Of course, the kicker was they only accept cash (goodness) so we had the taxi driver take us to the ATM not to far away and we grabbed some cash. ***Important note** This ATM was right next to a group of stores where very observant associates were waiting for you to get your cash from the ATM and eager to whisk you inside their establishment and help you spend it. Also, it cost me $8.00 in ATM fees (not including what my bank is going to charge) to take out this cash. My take from this: bring some cash and keep it in the safe in your room or get cash from the ATM aboard the ship (fee is only $3.00) or from guest services. This was part of the learning experience for sure.

We then arrived at Paradise Beach. This place is awesome, lined with coconut palms and steel drum music playing. It just sets the tone for your tropical vacation and the stress started melting away. We passed the bar and the area that is peppered with lounge chairs and umbrellas and headed out to the beach area. They even had floating bounce houses and play areas for the kids along the beach, so there is something for everyone.

I wanted to walk and take you to a more quiet area so as we strolled down the beach, the sand was much more dense and darker, even wetter, than the sand that I am used to in Florida, but it still was great. The water was spectacular, super clear and seemed like you could see down to the bottom forever. As we walked out this pier that was there, we could see all types of fish and even a sting ray (not sure you could see that very well on stream) and you could look out to the ocean for what seemed like forever. As I mentioned, I have seen and been to a lot of beaches, growing up on one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. but this scene was truly awe inspiring. Just the different colors of blue that you see from the shore to the horizon were incredible and listening to the surf was something that re-energized your soul. As most of you know that watch the stream, the water and the beach is my place of re-connect, more than likely from me being a water sign.

Breathing in the salty air and feeling the tropical breezes was just what this live streamer needed and I so wish that you could have felt it too. However, I am hoping that you were able to at least get a sense of what it was like as I am so glad that you are coming along with me on this trip.

We made our way back to the main area and after talking to some feathery friends that I think may have been relatives of our friend Jose at the Enchanted Tiki Room, I wanted to see if we could have time to see some Mayan Ruins that I had heard about. But with the help of a lovely guide, and the realization that it would cost us over $70 round trip to go see them, you convinced me to head back to the port area and catch some more sightseeing there. Of course, I did feel like you guys were afraid that I may lose track of time and miss the ship leaving the port, so I am grateful that you always have my back.

We were able to listen to some great mariachi music, go browsing through some of the local gift shops. grab another Modelo at the Fat Tuesday there at the port. Even though we had no iguana sightings today, we did catch a beautiful shot along this small beach looking over the crystal clear water toward the ships that were docked in Cozumel today. I have to say, it was like being in a dream, not really believing that I was standing in such a magnificent place in another country, accompanied by hundreds of my closest friends.

As I headed back to the ship, I just took in all of the amazing sights around me. The water was so beautiful, the ships looking like they were just resting peacefully, the sounds of music and waves. I really feel like I am dreaming and still cannot believe that I am here.

Back on the ship, I went to my stateroom to upload all of the fun that we had today. I am extremely grateful for the internet package but it still does take more time to get things online. Of course, being able to sit out on my balcony and put together the sights, experiences and sounds from today, is amazing. I cannot say it enough, that this has been an amazing experience for me and one that I know I will want to do again and of course, bring the Mayne Mafia along with me.

Thank you to Carnival Cruise Lines for hosting me on this awesome cruise and thank you to the Mayne Mafia for always coming along and supporting me on our journeys and I cannot wait to bring you more fun and excitement in the days to come.

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