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Keystones Clothiers and Legends of Hollywood Now Opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you’ve been reading our blog lately – you already know it’s been an exciting time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And to top it all off, Keystones Clothiers and Legends of Hollywood have finally opened their doors! Both locations have been re-imagined offering a range of merchandise for all guests. 

At Keystones Clothiers on Hollywood Boulevard, Stars Wars fans will be able to find epic apparel, gifts and gear for your entire galactic crew. Channel your inner Jedi and check-out all the new merchandise inspired by Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge including commemorative T-shirts, tumblers, lightsabers and more! 

If you’re looking for a little more luxury, visit Legends of Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. This location has officially re-opened its doors reminiscing on the glamour from the golden age of Hollywood. You’ll be welcomed by a glamourous chandelier hanging from the ceiling and décor inspired by our very own fashionista, Minnie Mouse. From couture fashion to dazzling Pandora jewelry, this location offers the must-haves for every look.  

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