Kauf ein bis zum Umfallen! Oops…Shop Till You Drop; New Pop Up Means Passholder Savings!

Always bringing new and fun merchandise to the parks, we discovered yesterday that there is a new pop up shop in the Germany Pavilion at Epcot. Of course, with great excitement, many descended upon the store to check out the newest finds. Combined with the festivities of Epcot’s International Food and Wine still going strong, Epcot is poppin’, literally!

Just for clarity, the entrance to the shop is located right at the front of the pavilion right next to the preztel cart. ONLY passholders can gain entrance and no guests are permitted. The shop opens at 11:30am and closes when the park does and only open through the week, Monday through Friday.

Capacity is limited (boy, are we getting used to that phrase) and virtual queuing is in place. However, for those shopaholics out there, the savings are worth the wait. Not only are there big discounts on merchandise up to 50% off you can also combine it with your passholder discounts of 30%. Even the most disciplined shopper will be tempted by these amazing discounts.

Of course there is a lot of Germany merch (pass to be the host) but no worries, there is a lot of other offerings as well. Of course, I am very excited about the Germany fashions, being half German myself, and there is everything from shirts, hats, beer glasses and more. There is also some very awesome passholder exclusive shirts for Halloween and we have been told that they will be changing them out every so often.

On of the coolest things to check out at the shop is the Paris Collection merch. Since Disneyland Paris was closed, a lot of the merch did not make it into the parks. So, we are super fortunate to be able to get some of this merchandise here. Minnie Mouse is taking center stage and Ooo La La, she is looking great!

We will be sure and check out more of the new passholder pop up shop next time we head out to Epcot, as I know that the Mayne Mafia is always looking to see what is new in the parks.

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