It's The Last Day of MegaCon 2019 and We Are Going to Cosplay!

Well, it is the last day of MegaCon 2019 and what a four day event this has been. Being able to cover this event as media was a great privilege and we throughly enjoyed bringing as much content of the convention that we could “through the lens of this livestreamer”.

But after four action packed, nerve wrenching, emotion building days, we decided that today, the final day of MegaCon 2019, we should be able to have a little fun ourselves. So in true Disney fashion(ista), we dressed as our two favorite people, Flynn and Rapunzel.

Come along with us as we take in all of the fun, have our pictures taken (well, Rapunzel mostly), participate in donating to the World’s Largest Hairball and check out some of the booths that we had not had a chance to see while this livestreamer was working. Thanks so much to MegaCon 2019 and we cannot wait till MegaCon 2020.