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Is That a Pyramid? A Sphinx? Are We in Egypt? No Silly, It’s the Luxor and You are In Vegas, Baby!

The most iconic hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is home to comfortably appointed rooms in both of its soaring Towers, as well as unique pyramid rooms with slanted windows.

I have to say, it is like a dream. Once I stepped off the plane at McCarren Airport, I could tell we were not in Orlando anymore. The dry, arid air caught me right away and my eyes, frankly have still not recovered (not because of a hangover either). But it was not until I saw that sign…yes THAT sign, that welcomes the first timer and the seasoned traveler to the hustle and bustle of the Vegas Strip did it really hit me. We are in Vegas, Baby!!

Then, as if this was not enough, the driver pulled up to this incredible place. Looking like something out of a movie, this pyramid of a place encased by immense towers would be my home away from home for the next three days. I cannot tell you, Mayne Mafia, how excited I was and I knew right then, that this was going to be a stream of all streams.

The lobby was beautiful and immense, and frankly breathtaking. Now this is coming from a guy that has seen numerous resorts and living in the resort capital of the world (or at least Florida) we discovered that the resorts in Las Vegas are absolutely in a league of their own. Check in was super easy and just like at Walt Disney World, I could check in on my phone, granting me access to my room. I did need to go pick up my key card and everything was super easy, socially distanced and reminders of safety protocols were in place. Face masks are not required in outdoor places, however, I am returning home and wanted to make sure that I stayed as safe and responsible at all times.

Making it up to my room was much more channeling that I thought, however. Not because they don’t give you a map or directions, but because there is so much to see on your way there! One thing that I discovered fairly quickly, is that they have most definitely designed these hotels around the casinos that they embrace. We were fortunate that I could briskly walk through on the outside and make it to places that we needed to go. The other thing that we discovered is that connection in the hotel and along the Strip frankly, is trash. But, you know me, and I will never give up.


Arriving at my room on the 10th floor of the West Tower, was welcomed, as I had already been going for what seemed to be 24 hours. Time zones are hard. The room was very nice and super modern and had a great view of the Strip and the mountains all in one. Floor to ceiling windows were awesome and everything was super clean with notes regarding safety protocols left in the room. There was plenty of plugs and places to set your devices up. However, I did not have a lot of time to enjoy the room as we were going to set off to see some of the strip and start this adventure.

A couple of points of interest. There is no bottled water in the room, at least not the one that I had. It was a premiere tower king room and very roomy, with a king size bed, two chairs a desk and a large nightstand. The bathroom is stocked with amenities and shower and bathtub. Everything was covered and sealed so that was a comforting touch especially during these times. Again, the view was great and yes, their curtains are black outs as these is a city that goes 24/7. I also love the tower room that I had because I was able to see the pyramid from my window. Personally, I would choose a tower room over the pyramid room just due to that fact. It really gave me a wonderful view of just what the unique charm of the Luxor Resort and Casino was all about.


One of the main reasons that we stayed at the Luxor was because of HyperX Esports Arena. Being invited to game there was this fan boy’s dream come true and when I first walked into HyperX it was amazing. I was then informed that the area I was in was just the lobby of the arena! Holy Moly! This place was mind blowing. With a stage set up with gaming consoles for tournament play, to individual stations lined up inside this massive place, lit up with all the neon colors of the rainbow, I could have spent hours here.

A huge shout out to the management and staff at HyperX Esports Arena and even though technical issues just could not make it work to stream from there, (kudos to Rudy who really worked hard to get it to work) it was something that I will never forget and will absolutely a place that we return to. HyperX Esports Arena is every gamers dream come true. The set up that they hooked me up with was unbelievable and although I really did not get a lot of time (maybe an hour at the most) to even game there myself, I felt super honored. The staff bent over backwards for me and I truly appreciated all of their hard work and effort and was just so happy that I was able to show you guys on stream this amazing place.


Of course, the main attraction at the Luxor, as well as the majority of the hotels and resorts in Las Vegas, is the bars and casinos. Again, anywhere you need to go, you have to go through the casino. Smart move to the designers for sure and they do call you name when you are trying to skirt past. I did play a couple of the slots and got it out of my system, so I am happy with that. There is Tender Steakhouse as well as Diablo’s Cantina at the Luxor and the restaurant/lounge right next to the HyperX , called Public House, had the best burger and truffle fries that I have ever had. I have to say, the food in Las Vegas was great and even though I did not eat at the most popular places, the places that I did eat were great.

If you are looking for a place to stay on your trip to Las Vegas, I totally recommend the Luxor Resort and Casino. They have been very gracious and the staff and management have been super friendly and accommodating. If you would like to check it out, go to: https://luxor.mgmresorts.com/en.html

Spokesmayne; Luxor Resorts and Casino