Is Spokesmayne a Blogger?

First, let me say that I am not a writer, author or journalist. I am really not even technically a “blogger”. My idea of blogging is firing up the camera and bringing you, my audience, through the lens to see what I see at that exact moment in time. My mind is set on the “in real life” mode of blogging, which for me is through my lens. 
However, in this day in age of all things relevant and from listening to you, the Mayne Mafia, about how you would like to stay up to date on all things Orlando, theme park and yes, even Spokesmayne related, I hear you. Yes, Mayne Mafia, as always, I am hearing what you are telling me and trying my hand at trying to keep you up to date and “in real life” through the eyes of this livestreamer. 
Now, again, I am not a writer, but I do write about what I see through my lens and how it affects you my audience and also how things touch my heart. So these articles and snipets are going to be facts that I have researched and I am going to give my viewpoint from my vantage point of the crazy, unique livestreamer that I have become. There will be fun topics, “in real life” home topics, music topics, of course breaking media topics and the occasional Tiger and Chammy topic. 
So welcome everyone, to the “Through the Lens of a Livestreamer” we embark on an adventure of information, curiosity and maybe even some Imagination……