I Climbed the Tallest Structure In Belize…and the Gods Showed Favor on the Stream

It is Tuesday, Day 4 of our Caribbean Adventure aboard the Carnival Breeze and today we are doing something super exciting. We are going to attempt, as I have never done this before, to climb THE tallest structure in Belize, the Lamania Mayan Ruins. Today, as we pulled into Belize, it is magnificent. Beautiful greenery, a gorgeous sunrise and the water, breathtaking. We are not pulled up to a dock either. We had to anchor out at sea and ‘tender’ in on smaller boats, sort of like the friendship boats at Walt Disney World, to the port area. Belize is known for its underwater beauty, The Belize Barrier Reef which is a 190 miles long section of the 560 miles long Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which is starts from Cancún on the northeast tip of the Yucatán Peninsula through the Riviera Maya up to Honduras making it one of the largest coral reef systems in the world (yes, Mayne Mafia, Spokesmayne is learning things to on this trip).

After getting a quick breakfast at the buffet, french toast, eggs and bacon, I had to meet in the Ocean Theater to board our tender boat that would take us into port. It was very organized and the ride was exciting. The water was spectacular and racing towards the port had my heart pumping for sure. We were able to get into the port and had a little bit of time before we had to head over to the area that our party was to get onto the bus. I was so excited that I was able to live stream at least a portion of the trip over to the area where the ruins were.

Our tour guide (he said to call him Bob) was very funny and also very informative, explaining along the way about the country and the economy and answering questions. After about 15 minutes, Bob handed it over to Shalimi, or Shorty as she wanted us to call her. Can you believe that we got a flat tire on the way there!! Figures that I was sitting right on the rear well when it happened. But without missing a beat, Shorty did not miss a bit with her facts and information about the Belizean people and their culture. Here are a few things that I can remember from their talking to us (remember, you can go check out the replay of the live stream if you want the information in details).

  1. They do not have any American fast food restaurants in Belize. They used to have a KFC but apparently it did not work out.
  2. Education is extremely important. All children must attend school and they all wear uniforms.
  3. English is the main language. They also speak Spanish and Creole. Their heritage is diverse and many are from the Mestizo culture which is Spanish and Mayan.
  4. Their main religion is Catholic.
  5. They are very serious when it comes to taking care of their environment. They leave off the land and most workers are either in the hospitality jobs or are fisherman.

Unfortunately, we did lose connection right before we arrived at a little “restaurant” if you want to call it that, but it was very cute and I, of course, had to get an authentic Belizean beer which was called Beliken. It is brewed right here in Belize and it was pretty good. We were then told it was time to board the river boat which was eerily similar to the boat in the Jungle Cruise and we made our way about 30 minutes down the river. It was beautiful and serene, like something out of a movie. I was disappointed that I could not have live streamed it but you will see it on my other coverage.

We arrived at the area where the temples were and thankfully, the Gods were looking down upon us and connection returned. After getting a short history lesson about the ruins, minerals that make them up and people that were buried there (yes, buried inside of them), and a little safety PSA, we were given the go ahead to scale the temple and reach the top.

I was so excited and blessed to have been able to bring the Mayne Mafia up to the top of the tallest temple in Belize. The views from it were breathtaking and I have to say this was the coolest thing that I have ever experienced in my life. It was even spiritual. Just being able to stand on the ruins of something that was so sacred, built hundreds of years ago, is something that I will remember for the rest of my life and having the Mayne Mafia with me, made it even more special to me.

We were able to take pictures and take in the views for a little bit and then we had to depart so that others in our party would be able to do the same. Climbing down was a little tricky as well and it sure gave this live streamer with a crazy backpack a workout for a Tuesday afternoon that was the truth. After everyone was able to climb and see what they wanted to see, we all boarded the bus again and made our way back to the boat and then back to the little restaurant. I knew that I was not going to be able to get connection on this trek, but was just super excited that we were able to do the ruins climb together.

We stopped here and were served lunch which I have to say was Beliezably delicious! I had rice and beans, Belizean spiced chicken, fried plantains and guava juice which reminded me a lot of jambo juice at Animal Kingdom or the Poly (shout out to Joe Smith). Needless to say, I was hungry and it was amazing just to be sitting at this little hut, eating authentic Belizean food, in the middle of the jungle in Hondurus. I could hardly Belieze it (ok, I will stop).

We then boarded the bus and headed back which took about an hour. We did arrive a little late to the port, but since it was a Carnival shore excursion, we were fine getting back on the ship.

After getting to my stateroom, taking a shower, and spending some time putting together the Instagram stories and information for this blog, I took some time and sat out on the balcony as we pulled away from Belize. Rumor was among some cruisers that there was a tsunami warning!! However, the captain reassured us as we left that all was well, seas would be smooth sailing and all sunny in Roatan, which is where we were heading next. As I waved goodbye to Belize, I am feeling so happy being able to experience something so wonderful and being able to have you, the Mayne Mafia, right there with me. It made me realize even more that there is so much in this world to see and do and I cannot wait to share with you everything that I have in store for us this coming year. But for now, till we see you again beautiful Belize…..

After some chill time, I was hungry again. So I decided to head over to the main dining room, the correct one this time, and was greeted by the Matre D’, who I have to say is extremely nice. Let me just pause here to say that everyone on this cruise is super nice. The service has been the best and dare I say, even “Disney-esq”. My room steward Jeffrey is lit and is always making sure that my room is clean, bed made, clothes hung up, and bringing me goodies compliments of Carnival Cruise Lines. Tonight, they brought me a beautiful cheese and fruit tray and another bottle of champagne. I have to say, I could get used to this type of service.

The Matre D’ sat me at a great table and I had three, yes THREE, waiters that served me dinner, one pouring water asking what I would like to drink, another taking my order (without a pad I might add) and always wanting to know if I want dessert. Dinner again was delicious and I promise that you will see everything that I had on the vlogs. The Matre D’ also asked if I had made my reservations for the hosted dinners (which I had not) and he offered right away to take care of that for me. He left for what was not more than 2 minutes and during that time, the reservations for Fahrenheit 55 Steakhouse and Cucino del Capitano popped up on my Carnival app. It was insane!! He checked and made sure if the times were correct and I was set. I am excited to try to both of these places and you know that I will be showing them to you.

I still have not made it to the PlayList Production show but I am going to make a point to catch at least one of them if not two. I have heard among those that have been to the shows that they are great so I really want to see it for myself. I did make it to the Piano Bar and it was poppin’. Tonight was music trivia and you got to get a card and have a seat at one of the cool tables. The piano player, who was part musician and part comedian, played little snipets of songs from different decades and you had to write it down on your paper. I did pretty good but not the winner. Frankly, it was just as much fun listening and being a part of this fun and energetic group.

Even though I wanted to go explore some more and go grab some of that pizza that is available 24 hours a day, I could not go on. I headed to my stateroom as the song of the sleepy has once again started calling and before I knew it, was fast asleep, dreaming of our next adventure tomorrow in Roatan.

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