I Can't Help It…I Am Loving the New Coasters

Today, we got to check out the construction progress as we were part of the media event for SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival. The Food Festival was amazing and I was able to sample some great food choices (and not sample some crazy ones!) along with some great craft beer. More on the Seven Seas Food Festival coming soon on the blog as well as you can check it out on my Instagram stories. But for right now, I have to talk about one of the new coasters coming this spring to SeaWorld Orlando.

After starting construction last November, and having the opportunity to be at the premiere news conference at SeaWorld as they announced the two new coasters and the water park thrill ride (even getting to sign part of the track!), we also got to check out the lead train at IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Expo along with fans, thrill enthusiasts, and industry insiders!

Ice Breaker is named after the icy mountains in the Arctic, and the ride itself is modeled after the sharp, steep slopes in the icy tundra. The highlight feature of Ice Breaker: a 93-foot tall spike with a 100-degree angle. I can tell you, looking up at it yesterday really got the butterflies in my stomach going!

Don’t let this scare you though, this ride allows riders on with a minimum height of 48 inches, so this ride is the perfect thrill for the family!

For the creation of Ice Breaker, SeaWorld is partnering with the Alaska SeaLife Center. This team up continues the mission to help educate riders and visitors on the Arctic’s inhabitants. To learn more about our partnerships with the Alaska SeaLife Center please check out their website here!

In addition to its steep 93 foot spike, the ride also speeds through the air at a thrilling 52 mph and has a quadruple launch. SeaWorld Orlando’s newest roller coaster is located near the Wild Arctic attraction to stay within the theme of its inspiration. Before Ice Breaker gets ready to reveal itself in the Spring, we highly suggest getting an annual passes for unlimited riding and fun!

With their platinum annual passes, they offer FREE ride again access and unlimited visits at all SeaWorld parks as well as all of their Aquatica, Busch Gardens, and Sesame Place parks! With our Silver and Gold two-park passes, get unlimited visits to both Aquatica Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando for 12 months! This allows you to ride Ice Breaker as much as you want and the rest of our best and newest attractions. Check out their full list of offerings for passes here!

From the fast-paced thrills of our famous roller coasters like Mako, Manta, and Kraken, to the watery rapids of Journey to Atlantis, Ice Breaker joins the park’s famed attractions as a must-do experience in Orlando.

You know that I will be bringing the Mayne Mafia on this newest thrill ride as soon as it opens so be sure and follow and be sure and subscribe and follow at Spokesmayne on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook so you do not miss out on a single moment! Go check out some of the fun that I had at the Seven Seas Food Festival on Instagram as well.