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Hurry Before the Clock Strikes Midnight; New Photo Ops at Walt Disney World Resort

Released in 1950, Disney’s “Cinderella” is a timeless story with an incredible legacy. Not only is this classic part of the National Film Registry, it’s been cherished by fans of all ages for 70 years thanks to its enduring message about the importance of never giving up on your dreams and holding your head high no matter the circumstances. 

At Walt Disney World Resort, Disney PhotoPass photographers love helping you bring this story to life with photo ops perfectly fit for every prince and princess. 

There are several spots all around the park and beyond to capture your favorite shot before time runs out! One of my favorites is the picture with the slipper (isn’t it really a shoe?) over at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom (above).

There are also other places around Magic Kingdom that are doing unique an and magical photos. From Fantasyland to Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Over in Disney Springs there are several backdrops that you can choose from and look like you are right in the middle of the magic.

And of course, there is the most popular picture spot, the one right in front of the magnificent beauty herself, the home where Cinderella lives.

During your next visit, I hope you take the time to enjoy these storybook-inspired photo ops that celebrate this beloved fairy tale.  

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