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Hear Ye….Hear Ye… The Night of Announcements!

Well the latest announcement to be announced on the night of announcements…..ok..ok…..Needless to say, we have been quite busy here in Spokesmayne world and last night was just the tip of the iceberg. Letting everyone know what the plans for future channel content is and will always be the highlight of what we get to share.

Last night, we let everyone in the “fam” in on the fact that wwe will be heading out to California for D23 and of course, bringing the Mayne Mafia along in our carry on bag. Then, the fact that you can now come here and catch up on all things that are “Spokesmayne” as well as Theme Park News and other info was super exciting, especially for me as a creator. Oh, we also announced that we will be taking you along to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! Wow, it was a busy night!!

But the last annoucement hits right here in our own backyard. We will be taking you not one, not two, but THREE times to that amazing new land at Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Galaxy Edge! Of course, we were one of the very first live streamers to stream Star Wars Galaxy Edge in California back in May and it was super exciting and historical. Now, we get to take in all the hype and craziness right here, at the place we call “Home.”

Later next week, we will be heading out to Galaxy Edge during cast member preview day and then again just a couple days later during AP Preview. However the pinnacle of all of these streams will be the opening of Star Wars Galaxy Edge right here in our own Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios on the official grand opening day, August 29th.

We are expecting to arrive eary, VERY EARLY, and ‘through the lens of this livestreamer’ you will be catching everyone waiting with baited breath in the massive sea of first time ever guests, need to see it on the “official” opening day guests, vloggers, media, live streamers (thank you very much) and those that just realized what August 29th was. All we know is that we are truly privileged to be able to not only have been a part of a hugely historical opening day at Disneyland but will now be experiencing this amazing new land of Batuu right here anytime that we want to go….and believe you me, we will be going…….