Have Problem with Connection or Data Limits? Welcome to Our Official Data Sponsor, Unlimited LTE Advanced

One of the most important and sometimes frustrating things that we deal with on the channel is connection. For years, data service is the driving force being the channel and being able to bring the best connection and content to you, the Mayne Mafia.

Live streaming has even more challenges, from data limits to tethering. As many of you know, I spend a bank on data and connection and sometimes it is moving from different providers to be able to bring the best quality. We here all the time “unlimited data” but is it really? Now, I am super excited to again shout out our Official Data Provider Sponsor, Unlimited LTE Advanced.

No matter what provider you are using, I can pretty much guarantee that Unlimited LTE Advanced will work with your specific needs on getting you the best data at the best cost. Whether you are a live streamer for work, school, football games or just looking for unlimited data due to work or gaming, these are the guys you need. Bringing you plans from major national carriers, they will hook you up with the plan that is specific to your needs and just right for you. They are focused on helping connect you and your business with the products and services that allow you to conduct business and surf the internet from virtually anywhere you have a cell signal.

Especially now, with many students doing virtual schooling and parents working from home, even in the most rural areas, Unlimited LTE Advanced can help. With no hidden fees, no contracts, you can have internet from your boat, RV or from your home! We know that connection is a problem when I do IRL and I am so looking forward to our upcoming trip (to be announced very soon) and having Unlimited LTE Advanced aboard this time.

If you would like to find out more go to: https://unlimitedlteadvanced.com/ and use the promo code: SPOKES. Also, if you act now, you may get up to $70 off your first plan order.

Spokesmayne; Unlimited LTE Advanced