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Halloween Has Finally Arrived At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

(Kent Phillips, photographer)

The past few months have been challenging. We waited for Walt Disney World to re-open, things have changed, experiences are not how we remember them. However, one thing that is for sure as we step onto Main Street U.S.A. today, is that Halloween has definitely arrived at Magic Kingdom. There are even Halloween-decorated Mickey balloons!! Although some things will not be happening this year, I still feel that there is much ‘Hocus Pocus’ still ‘a’muck’ and magic in the air at Walt Disney World Resort.

It is a sort of joyous calm comes over you as you look up toward Cinderella Castle, and pumpkin wreaths line both sides of Main Street U.S.A. Then, as we keep walking, we hear that oh so familiar music. Is it? Why yes! It is the music from the Boo to You parade and Mickey and his friends dancing to the beat. Also, our good friends Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and pals are rockin’ their Halloween outfits and bringing back the sense of Halloween spirit that we have all been waiting for. We also got to see the Villain’s cavalcade with the Queen of Hearts, Jafar and the wicked beauty herself, the Wicked Queen. Winnie the Pooh and friends also have their parade and we were able to catch the Halloween Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington hanging out with Sally and Oogie Boogie. Each cavalcade has their own familiar tune and it was awesome seeing them walking around and spreading that Halloween spirit throughout the park at given times throughout park hours.

Of course, there is plenty of Halloween merch to go around and we will take a look at some of it today when we go and check out the park. There are new loungefly backpacks, of course, Minnie ears and even some really cool villain inspired merch that I, myself can’t wait to see.

Coming later this month, there is an all-new collection dedicated to “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas,” for you to embrace your inner Pumpkin King. From the swiftly stitched together look of Sally, as seen in this tie-back blouse by Her Universe and cloth face mask, to the classic black and white look of Jack Skellington, featured in new headwear and even a cloth face mask, these cadaverous new products are sure to be a bone-fide hit!

Last but we know not least, Disney is once again killin’ the game when it comes to popcorn buckets this year. There are several to choose from but this one is my favorite (PC: Disney Parks Blog).

There is also the food and treats (remember, trick or treat) that make the Halloween vibe complete. From spooktacular cupcakes to the famous pumpkin-spiced waffle sundae, we will see what we can find today as well. I will also be posting some of them on my Instagram so be sure and follow me at Spokesmayne on Instagram.

So come along today at 4pm EST on Youtube as we have some fun and see what this spooky season has in store!

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Spokesmayne; Disney Parks Blog